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Difference Between 2005 and's a Reality..
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r mj
:D that's really true...
gr8 observation ... :P
this is true..better than being noisy..
it is funny but real...................
hei but we have reduced the noise pollutions over the good environment
its good to be 2012 more calm
so ..........
We all wanted to communicate better but we have lost the art of communication! technology is a good thing but can affect how we interact with others.
i agreed with christine.................
soon that will happen
and we will be texting people that are right next to us
@Taj that is true it's already happening.
that's a reality..even in Malaysia, kids as young as 5 years old already has could they learn how to communicate with people their age or the elder one..
There have been lots of development in electronic gadgets in last 10years. But the result is people are more towards virtual friends than actual ones......
Five years and they never aged a bit. :p
True. 5 years and life change a lot. what will be the next?

Overall rating
i agree everyone seem to be antisocial...
it's just a halfway state - I suspect :)
Haha ted in 2005 looks like he's suckin a cock, but yeah true story!
its our life is our phn
try to look at the top-left side. :D
right..........we make our life as machine
now people want to played their phone.
technology makes us
so well that on this forum ....
I'm thinking of getting rid of my damn smartphone becuase I can get me a phone that can text, but I don't need to go online and check my email when I do it at work or at home. all the apps are bunch of Websites anyways.
The advantage I notice on this picture is that everybody got rid of the annoying disturbance of yapping people around them. 2011 all the way.
So What is the point of meeting...They should have stay at home and chat via network.
I love watching that show! How i Met Your Mother is AWESOME!!
Much better now. Instead of being limited to just those in the same room as us, we're connected to friends and family around the world all the time. Much better.
surprised that hair styles haven't changed that much in 5 years (which changed quite a bit on 'friends'--except for ross and joey) - must be too caught up with their gadgets to care about fashion trends
ya it is really...but it is too bad......
another funny thing is that babys in malaysia are already using smartphones, apple products etc.And they are 2 -5 years old. Really sad
Sad... but true. My friends don't even bother to talk when meet face to face. rather they would be checking their facebook.... =|
skin-tight pink sweaters weren't cool in 2005?
Funny how the extra in the background is probably thinking... "I'm walking by them now so I'll tilt toward the camera so I can be sure to be seen". :)
shit! it really breaking up friendship interaction and reducing the life span of communciation........
Another difference is that in 2005 HIMYM was a fun to watch show
what is the guy in the red shirt in the 2011 to the left of the center guy stroking? Oh its his arm. It looked bad until i got real close to the screen. :)
Gyl Sky
maybe.... the evil SOPA is doing good thing - to help us staying away from the internet and get some real social life.
is it saying that people in 2005 liked to suck massive cock?
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Don't pay attention to the cell phone!
HIMYM is awsome !
Don't pay attention to the cell phone!
HIMYM is awsome !
Don't pay attention to the cell phone!
HIMYM is awsome !
nothing worse than a bunch of people at a party,sitting around playing on their phone....why bother to go if you are just gonna sit there and play on the phone like a 5 year old....losers.
No difference. Barney is still suited up...=)
Ha...ha...ha...progress of technology..........This is called TWO PHASES OF A COIN......where science and techmology is the coin.....
Sorry for sounding melancholic, but it looks like some mad social scientists decided that these people are too animated and lively and they need smartphones to calm themselves down. It reminds me of some bad medical experiments on certain ethnic groups in the past.
Pathetic...! wonder what's gonna happen to the next generations????????
With a smartphone I can reach out to hundreds of my 'closest' friends from just about anywhere on the planet. My reach, in the last five years, has significantly improved. At the same time, my grasp on what is near and dear to me has diminished as my focus is either one foot or one thousand feet but rarely anything in between.

Recently, my wife and I climbed aboard a massive metal tube with seats bolted to the floor and jet engines anchored to metal planks which hung off either side. We launched, swiftly, through the air traveling at hundreds of miles per hour to an altitude of... well, all i know is y'all looked like ants... Anyhow, this tube rocketed through the atmosphere for hours before landing abruptly upon a small patch of land somewhere in the middle of the Pacific ocean. There we were, standing upon a spit of land which had sprung up from the ocean depths as a result of billions of years worth of volcanic activity. Animal and plant life, previously unseen by our eyes, flourished in the mid-day sun. New cultures to experience. Vistas of unimaginable beauty. New flavors to sample. A journey, which only recently (compared to mans relative history) had been made possible for the average traveler.

As we marveled in awe, we took a moment to share in the experiences of those who made the same, seemingly-perilous, journey only to find the vast majority transfixed, doe faced, onto the smartphones cradled within their tight grasp. A trend which continued, without fail, for the remainder of our trip.
Before we talked and looked at each other. Now our heads are always bowed down . Yes, very sad.
its true peoples busy in mobile they dont need to talk any one
Bhart K
True. Have seen the kids just go down the basement to play ps3, wii,etc as soon as their friends come over. No interaction with others at all.
I bet they are all texting each other...what damn
There's even less diversity in the crowd behind them in 2011... What happened to equal opportunity employment?
How I met your Mother! Love that show! :D
i don't get it supposed to show that ppl at 2005 generally talked to one another while ppl now do not do that??
haha were glued 2 our phones. 👍
i wish that everyone on phones and evry1 is..... LOL
Is this that one show that needs a laugh-track to get it's viewers to think it's funny?
mobilessssssssssssssssssssss..................k, wt about 2012
& 12
NO ONE HERE...................
we are in google+
What's the difference? GFC?
ya its true nw a days no bdy s talkng 2 others al r busy wit der mob........
Different year..different activity...different work..but, same movie...
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