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Foot Launched Glider!
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موقع نشستن که دهنش گائیدس
+خانوم جعفر زاده عزیز ، پاشو دقیقاً کجای درختا میزاره؟ یا شایدم درختا رو یه جاش میزاره(: با توجه به اینکه موتوری هم نداره نمیتونه زیاد دور تر پرواز کنه تا جای هم کف پیداکنه
در کل کونش پارست
Is it easy to take that glider over the mountain?
i wonder how it will land....with broken bones perhaps? or broken glider?
Yes, it is real, I have seen it in real life. Landing is easy, it glides into the grass.
Maybe if the guy dared to fly, he would know land... I think so!
that looks cool but i wud NVR do it...besides bein' afraid of heights, THERES NO BOTTOM! O.o
heyyyyyyyyyy soooooooooo good
yeah i have d same qstn how do u come down??
yeah, how do you land one of these things?
wheels/skids in front and behind bottom opening.
thats cool...large aerodynamic light wings, can be used as well for weight balancing... maybe fibres(not sure)...hehe, cockpit.. can land on terrain... nice, blueprint? wanna build 1
woah!!!...i didnt know flying was that easy!!!
Josh T
faked with a engine
Só com ventão para decolar, né?
what if he falls out of the hole....
wish I had one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats really cool but where does he go from there?
Reminds me on movie The Gods must be crazy :)
Samu S
that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!
that is the most awesomest thing ever it is better then a personal backpack
at first you think thats a fail. but when you see it your like holy shit!
I hope that guy is still alive... If he's alive, I'm gonna try too.
totally badass!!! What if he crashes tho? lol
it would def suck if he crashed... awesome tho
Great take-off, but I wonder about the landing.
what happens if the glider turns into a crasher?
i mean it looks fun but what if it crashes?
hi ur posts r very ossome
i wondering how is the landing..
i cant think of doing that
looks funny, but i woundn´t try it
want to try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
adventurous,courageous man!
When it crashes...
He'll need a wheelchair.

Sad but true </3
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