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Wake up dan chase your dreams,... :)
trying to fullfill others dreams
i'll chase my dreams later...sssssh!
both are cool to do just depends how you feel on that day isnt that about rite
chasing dreams is like chasing ghosts. Have u ever tried that. If not don't waste your time on it. 
ya its kinda hard to chase what you cant see
If the morning do not wait for the evening, do the best
ok, wake up and a couple hours later going to sleep again ;) :p
Or....Let's chase it in our sleep!!!
i prefer to wake least i try to reach my dreams so that it will come true...not just doing nothing to achieve it...
wake up and tray to work hard to tourne your dream to real
continue to sleep yes    !!!!
dreams better than reality always
and what about keeping dreams within us while we are awaken.....
You only have one life, so live it to the full, because in the end "You only get out, what you put in." So go and live your life in the way you decide to fabricate it!
Life is really a matter of choice...we have choices in everything..
I woke up then chasing my breakfast
i think i would wake up and chase my dreams cause when i wake up, its already really late
realising dream has nothing to do with chasing it ..... i prefer ambushing it.
In order to chase I would like to have a clear view and understanding the dream completely that is why I have to continue :p
CHASE MY DEREAMS I never thought of it this way
wel every1 wants to wakeup and chase his dreams.
for me wake up nd chase my distiny was my dreamin
wit a step forward for chasing our drmz
Can't I just have a regular morning without having to be awesome?
I would wake up and chase my dreams because what is important to me needs to happen some time
Riding our wishes, we become what we want to be in our dreams. Dreading our fears, we face what we never want to happen. Deep in sleep, our secret desires or fears buried down in our minds come to life as we dream. 
Despite their power to please, amuse, bewilder or frighten us, our dreams dominate us. Rarely, we get dreamless sleep because our minds go on ticking even when we are asleep. We speak and listen, see all colours and feel all emotions in our dreams. Yet dreams remain mysterious.
Both our desires and fears in our dreams are an illusion, called ‘maya’ by the Eastern mystics who add that even when we are not sleeping, the world around us is also just an illusion or maya. A life lived through the mind is a life of dreams. That is the meaning of the concept of maya.
I don't chase my dreams because they aren't like those ones where you dream about your success and future and all that crud. For instance, yesterday, I had a dream I was in Seinfeld.
I dont chase my dreams cuz i cant run that fast
Hey my friend says that all the time to me when im down
id rather sleep, sorry inspirational quote, you lose.
i love sleepin !!!! :D
but if i really love the dream ill wake up n chase it!!!! :)
somebody also said that..never stop dreaming!!so?????....go back to bed!!
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