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Inspirational....really is:)
คุณจะแกร่งกล้าเมื่อคุณเคยล้ม ได้เรียนรู้จากความผิดพลาด และจะประสบความสำเร็จจากความล้มเหลว
hmmmmmmm......good one! itz true...
This is not funny. Why do you guys post inspirational quotes? You're supposed to post funny stuff. It's in your name after all
This is not funny. Why do you guys post inspirational quotes? You're supposed to post funny stuff. It's in your name after all
I luv yo comments guyz they are inspirational
This picture implies that it is impossible for someone to produce experience from empathy. While it is true that many are stupid enough to make the same mistakes as people in movies, it is not impossible to learn from someone else's mistakes. But anyways, just some objective criticism. It's still pretty inspiring and I enjoy the wittiness of it.
Another UNFUNNY picture by FUNNY Pictures and Videos. One more and I'm blocking you.
(1) If u got hurt, u were either brave or stupid.
(2) Quite un-originally, fools learn from nothing else!
(3)Statistically, fail-free succeeding is possible.
1.or blind
2. but they do keep observing ..seems thinkable
3. but not socially
any thing else ...:D:p
hmmm if you never fail then surely your succesfull
I hope you don’t get hurt often.
Keep your mistakes to a minimum.
Your failures don’t come at too high a price.
Atena A
thats a fact!
Hard to admit, no one wants to be hurt, make mistakes or encounter failure.
Your Picture Massage is Actually true for all of the world.
Sorry... I disagree with learning... to learn its not necessary you do mistake first.
its for dump people, for wise person like Me, its better to watch other's mistakes and learn from them rather than doing it. :)
Xin Li
This looks like these couple of lines from the musical "Wicked":

"Life is fraught less
When you're thoughtless
Those who don't try
Never look foolish"
...and u will nvr be on Google+ if u were not on Facebook
sometimes it takes first hand experience to understand what went wrong other times you need to be impartial to understand, sometimes either will give you answers and sometimes nothing will.
ya ,
its really very good sententece 4 life
WHAT. If you're never brave you wont get hurt, If you learn to do something and you don't make mistakes, I guess you're doing okay at it. Imagine learning pottery and never making a mistake. Finally if you never fail you will always be successful, because you have never failed.
its true and it gives brave,success in real lie
This life so wonderful i follow that rule 
very truely said.....................
YAh ExacTly Em Agree With All theSe CommEnts...@@
Who the hell is this 'YOU' ??
this world is stage where the man and rise again. I believe you
carm...........u e..........????????????
When there is a yin, there is always a yang. Life can't go without it, neither can any positive aspect exist without its reactants!
Oh no! Now I'll never be able to finish my jelly bean factory!!!:(:(:(
ok so im brave and ive failed alot
thts smtms failurs ruin whl lyf...........:(
but there are always some exceptions to every thing.............
Alexender was one of such exceptions.......
Bri Boo
ugh tru tru tru.
But do not make them your habits....
it is gud quot... for all & I lov it
so, what about, "You will never be good if you don't be bad ."
extremely true and thanx 4 sharing......
but its one fact about weak persons... not so
this shit gayer than r. kelly giving tom cruise a rim job
You can learn without making mistakes. There's nothing new under the sun so learn from others mistakes and don't follow in their foolish footsteps
This isn't a funny picture or video.
and to sum it all up
"GET HURT, MAKE A MISTAKE, AND FAIL. then you will be a success"
Trust me if getting hurt alot meant ur brave than im REALLY brave!
I don't get hurt a ton, but I am SUPER brave.
Ok Ain
that doesnt mean i like it!
Yes, I do agree with this speech. Thanks you Mr.
absolutely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wheres the funny stuff these days!!!???
thank for good slogan I think it will help me and other people, I will remember
true fact that is the time you realize things:-)
+1 my comment if you think "Funny Picture and Videos" should post funny pictures and videos instead of inspiring stuff
sometimes these failures become unbearable ........)
funny because your never live until you die well if you die at least you get wing
+1 my comment if you want funny stuff not inspiring stuff
thanks.......................for this
i like that and i think it's true
i don't like getting hurt. i detest mistakes. i hate failure. any other way out? pls.
Les Ma
life is a journey to be lived...take the punches as they come. you don't know your strenght until you put to the test
So I'm guessing everything comes with a price?:)
I will remember this forever. You'll never remember if you don't forget. : )
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