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Awesome message.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love story
Start to......................................end
there's a lot of stories in between...
shit happens then you die
We all always try to avoid this BITTER trueth............
ㅠㅠ 너무 슬프다..
Whts happening? ppl do intervene 
Why  ppl says tht guys alwys hurts ..wake up wake up .Lol<``..">hahahahaa
Awesome the girl dies first this time #Win  for us guys
4 your kind information Girls are fast forwarded & cheats rather thn guys ,,If am not wrong
On Jun 19, 2012 4:06 AM, "tamra winterberg" <******@****>
On Jun 19, 2012 4:06 AM, "tamra winterberg" <******@****>
And it could be short so en joy every minute as if it were your last!!!
ive seen this somewhere before...hmmm...
true love story!!! wayyyy better than twilight :))
Wow, What a good way to express.
still a better love story then twilight
:'( my grandmother just died last year, and her and my grandfather had this relationship :] hes still living tho :P
There are more divorces today by the younger folk than those that really know the meaning of love.
reminds me of the love story in "UP".
We all pass away eventually. Not sad at all in all. Love is a great thing. 'Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all'.
actually, alot of time nowadays, the men live longer, women in marriages usually lived longer, because they were younger than they're husbands, my great grandmother was like 10 or 15 years younger than my great grandfather, therefore, she lived longer.
Some times the women do die first. My grandpa lived past two women he married. Two women died before my grandpa did.
Love never dies, but lies within the heart for eternity 
1-they meet as children
2-they are dating
3-they are married
4-they are older people
5-woman dies
6-man dies
f***ing life.. make it different.
no productive work two,two ,two,to,too,tooooo late
I have done all of this photos , and sometime its just wonderful and sad at the same time
I like  this picture. It realy life,but many poeple don,t care.
SAD FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i wish that that could be my life but i dont think that it will. but the only thing is that i wish that my loved one will die before me so that he will never have to bear the pain of living without me, because i would rather hurt than the one i love hurt.
this last comment (hannah) is probably the most heartfelt raw lover comment that I have ever read...but its also amazing what some others have had to  pass on
Cole S
forest gump all the way
Thank for your picture
Like this picture

best fact it realy happen in case the love is true
i dont think thats funny
they say you can only start living life when you start not to be afraid of your death.
the tree ages the same in that picture
.... you forgot that after that you become a zombie :D
whole life depicted in the snap shot. painful but true.
The tree also gets older and in the last picture when the grandpa and the grandma die the tree also dies and in the first picture both of the children are flying a kite and the tree is young like a child, wow, i just realized that! 
aww... this is beautiful!
love d thought of it <3
Rather depressin' at the end, but it's great how they went through their entire life together. :)
The sad truth...It can't last 4-ever like we wan't it 2 but it sure does last a while! Well, hopefully anyway
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