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+++ if you can relate to this..
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yes, I'm fine..........
menutupi semua perasaan demi menjaga perasaan ,,, good
im all the back ones right now
thats what i tell my parents every time they ask me that. fine
I always say, "Are you just asking or do you really want to know?"
Clint H
Most of these people wouldnt have the issues if they would talk to the person or people they are feeling that way towards.
I always say : awesome. People usually double take, and make sad face :) Jealous :)
got a dance tmr its a afrian dace soo happy
Oh, the social lies we tell. No one seems to ask, "How are you really?"
Today, as I paused, a person told me, "it's okay, you can tell the truth," ...
"how are u?" me: better than u ever will be:) jk
Never show weakness or they attack.
Lonely is listed twice. Not to mention "Alone" And "Lonely" are pretty much the same thing. I hate you, everybody that looks like you, and everybody that lives within a 5 mile radius of you.
Fine, consider this place is entrance of Hell.
I feel like I'm going to just fall apart at any moment but we have to say Fine.
Fine :( :( :( hehe. Interesting effect.
no comment. if you don't feel fine say so.. being honest is not being weak. our weaknesses makes us stronger..
that's my first English lesson: Whatever just say "fine". :))
thts kinda weired........ hw ppl say day r fyn alwys...........
Hate is a very consuming Emotion. Make yourself happy and the rest of the World will be happy! Achieve your destiny!!
thats my answer to nosy people i dont like
I think the negativity is going around right now. I even caught the bug, it was a welome thing to see someone else post miserably!!
You are not special - EVERYBODY has the same thoughts.
that is my life..... why cant see that nothing is ok in my life?
what site is this and how/why are we all here?
I'm not alone, glad for that, so now I'm FINE. :)
lol.. +Reagan Stephenson True, could definitely relate to that.
+Dileen Lin Wow, so many other scenarios poped up and yes, if you ask "why" enough, you can actually dig out the real answer..or really annoy the other person.
simply put, if someone tells you they are FINE, all the background information here is obviously trying to tell you what people really mean.
F.I.N.E. ---> F*cked up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional...
hidden messages and reading minds here!!! people like their privacy!! LOL JK but really so true.
these are all the sign of a healthy and fine man.....
Long ago I started using the phrase 'Well Enough'.
Doubt I started a trend or anything, but I see it spread.
It's like 'I mean well to you Sir, but I haven't the care for a typical song-and-dance; I come from a culture that typically offers a genuine and spelled-out retelling of the on-goings of life as a response to your question, but I can't be bothered with the effort, and don't trust you to take it with sincere empathy'.
I actually might start using it, Ilike it.
how are you is not a question.. it's a greeting - read it somewhere can't remember where - but it's true
Apparently in the Greek language there is no such word meaning FINE. So if someone asks HOW ARE YOU? The response would be happy, sad, angry, etc. Antyhing but FINE.
If people are not ready to hear and handle all these possible answers when asking "How are you?", they should not ask then. Thank you for bringing the point.
Geoff S
dont say "fine" then. duh.
Fine means that dude am actually going through hell....
I frustrate people often by responding to the question "How are you?" honestly and openly. More times than I can count it has begun a conversation on the subject of this post. We do tend to breeze past each other with little care these days. I only ask how people are if I care to listen to the answer, and if I think the answer untrue, I ask again with a little emphasis. Unsurprisingly, I often find that people who claim to be "Fine" are far from it. I try to help if I can.

Sharing this. Nice post. Maybe it will encourage a little thought here and there.
FINE = Fouled-up Insecure Neurotic & Emotional. . . Other than that, I'm just FINE. LOL ;-)
Hello my name is Akash singh.what's your name
its a subtle way of saying "im good and im not interested to have a conversation with you"....
We've been there.
Life is not reading between the lines.....its reading behind the lines:):):)
Je gd
life like haven so feel fine......
FINE, is such an Ambiguous Word. ( it can mean sooo many things )
how are you?
fuck :D
who the hell are you! lol.
"how are u?" , "do u want the truth or a lie?"... "um a lie i guess" , " okay then im just fine" " well then how bout the truth" , " im a crazy ass lonely bitch!"
life sucks and then you say fine (NOT)
When I feel that way I give my worries to the Lord. That is usually when I feel at peace....................But sometimes that is easier said then done.
Life is a highway and I'm gonna ride it all night long!!!
Note: Don't drink and drive...
lol ronny
lonely sucks everything is subject to change and crazy ya well arent we all
Sometimes out of 365 days you are aloud to feel that way. Especially when you lose your job.
Or is it a picture of Fine?
Never know, the answer could be "Fined"...
The lady I love appears to be dying. I may not be alone, but I can definately relate. + (but not really for liking.)
Its psychological... Damn tru..!!!
The scene behind the screen,nice work
To which I sometimes reply "I agree, you are fine".
I see that Google+ is turning into Tumblr.
Very profound. In the USA , this is the most hollow greeting we have; When someone ask "How are you?" They expect you to say "Fine". If you say anything else, they don't care and don't want to know. We(USA) should just say "Hi". It would be much more real and sincere.
Thank God, we are all fine. I'm on zaman author
that`s life !!! b positive
يعنى من الان فحش بدم كسى نميفهمه :))
Mmhm. Yes you are. You are one superfine piece of something sugar, aren't you. Fixes that bs quick enough.
Exactly! Yesterday I was given a lift. The driver said 'Everyday like going to war, I can plan nothing'. It's precisely how I feel, no sense to plan nothing beyond today. Viktor Frankl M.D., Ph.D wrote in his book that day's longer than a week meaning the time in the concentration camp.
Fine: A state of being that is neither in pain nor pleasure. There is no emotion in Fine, only existence, but in this state one can hardly determine if they even exist. They are simply there, they are Fine. However if one was forced to define being fine as pain or pleasure, it could be said the absence of pleasure indicates the individual is in pain being void of emotion or pleasure the mind is starved.

Bear this in mind when next you are ask how you are and you reply, "Fine."
broken ........crashed..............empty...........lonely
Karen L
If only people didn't say fine when they didn't mean it. People care, and would help if only they knew.
i'm very happy. yesterday, now, and tomorrow. always. keep smile...
Is this in reference to women? lol
There's a neurotic inside each one of us—in all probability. But instead of lying down upon a therapist's couch, why not strolling around in the middle of the night? The night is the one that makes blacks fine. And grays? Somber as they are, cannot be more welcome. Even occasional whites spark right.
Jiyan K
very happy...
Somehow, most of the time I am pretty good in detecting wether it's lie or true. So, if it's worth it, I try to help out by asking more, like "What happened?"

As for me, i rarely pretend as it's all "fine". Pretty transparent about telling ppl how i feel, coz i don't really care what they think about it, even if it's my ex boy friend.
This is so true... But then again... I have been situations when i ask "how are you?" i expect "fine" but instead i get an ear full about their life story and whats going wrong with them... I diddnt expect that so im sure most people say "fine" because its easier for every one....
this has just clearly defines what i feel today... rotten
How am I? Eternal. More's the pity, because I keep having to wade through reruns of everyone else.
yeah we are freinds hahhhaha lolzz..
I totally disagree ! This way, you are helping people to be in a more worse situation. Show people how they can have more hope look for the future.
by all of these still say I'm fine; cause there is no one to understand, dont ask and just hug and say I know u r fine....
I really just tell people how i feel unless its really awkward......(._.)
lol... its soo true... usually i say fine.. but in my mind it feels lyk the words described here......
Being lonely its painful and more worse when u alone with no one around
Josh H
FINE = Fucked up Insecure Neurotic and Emotional
so long as am alive, i'll always smile. % fine = fine.
I see you don't! I am not in a nicer mood than you! :-)
Yeah, that's always the reflex reply hahaha when the real situation is far more than that.
yeah I'm better now that I can rest. That illustration sucks. don't be weak.
Its the thought that counts. I'm fine (I can deal). I'm fine (as if you really want to hear it). I'm fine (ha tricked you, feel like I'm dying inside so its clever of me to not let on and who am I kidding). Yup, its the thought that counts.
D Paul
Human nature.
Hate it when people say good and fine when I ask them how they are its the worst. When someone asks you a question have the decency to try and give a semi thought out answer.
Neha g
me fyn :(
I have discovered rigorously that people are generally not looking for anything more than "fine" and there's really no compelling reason for me to tell them my pain level of the day if they aren't my doctor or PT (which isn't to say I don't sometimes slip and do it anyway.)

So... Fine, yes.
it means people don't trust others specially internet freinds..:)
When I tell people how I really feel they tend to avoid me. Only those who are very close to me get the rundown on how I really feel. Close friends will listen to the rant and still be there when I am finished.
The answer is quite obvious. We´re born. We Die. We all, can acknowledge that.
F****d up Insecure Neurotic and Emotional. When someone asks how you are never reply with fine!
You usually try to give positive vibes to people around you. Such FINE isn't deception rather it is giving yourself positive energy for a change. I really needed it and hope it works???
try adding "are you sure?" after you get the "fine" reply.......
I say the other f word..I feel f**ked..sigh
M Uwk
It's like,with all this........I'm still capable to gr8
Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine....... lol
Also can be read as: F#%@ed up, Insecure, Neurotic & Emotional! Lol
It'd be the other way around if you asked someone in Sweden.
hi hi hi hi......................................very funny.
While I'm reading the message having tears in my eyes... Feel like the writer of the message know for what happen on me now......
I think that pic is missing a few words that would more that likely fit in the 'fine category.
we are always used to say FINE
Might be its true I'm not good enough......""""""""
OMG do I understand this pic. It is soooo me.
what do u to help people in jus a pathetic situation?
true,i am the best choice in my life...
i luv me n my life so much..:)
yes yes. good for learning English
yeah o. o after all creepy stuff Im fine
My Birthday Is On Anniversary Of Titanic Goin Down.:S.. Sometimes Feels Like It - LOL!! Sinking Fast But My Orchestra Plays On Regardless.. Enjoy Every Moment - Live, Love And Be Happy As Much As You Can.:-D...
people usually want the social answer rather than the truth
i can
i dont agree wit u roberta! Cos u havnt said anytin new u r just being redundant in sayin so misery is misery! How can a tin cause itself? Misery cant b d efficient cause of misery find smth else.
"Fine" is just a polite answer! not a true answer to the Question...!
Because very few people only ask the question to be polite; they don't actually want to know or care how you are. It's like "I Love You", it's overused and people say it without meaning it. Personally, I never ask someone how they are unless I really care how they are & want to know. Others should be the same.
Oh how unoriginal. * yawn * 
Then the ones who reply " Super Fine" must either be high on something or are in a devastated condition.
Um I'm frm nz so I go no fwends
Fine ! thank you for asking.
I have this picture to and it's so true. 
when this happens,turn it to Jesus-time to pray-
jon c
It is the things that we know yet are too polite to express that lessen us.
No matter how bad you feel, it can never be admitted to nowadays. Signs of weakness are ridiculed. I'M FINE, the standard answer in an uncaring society.
i feel that practically all the time, but i always just say fine
i have ahard writing how y0u doing and your dad doing richard m
i seriously am fine............
Hi Taylor Ford, how are you? You must be awesome with a name like that!! Ha ha
Like its said, behind dat smile ders always somtin goin on " :) " truly :(...
+Clint H but wen u do. They dnt wanna hear bout it or dey jus get cranky nd start a fight nd stops tlkn to u as if wat u feel ddnt metter
That's how it is but wheneva u feel dat brace up coz u are a conquerer!!!!
Bug SoS
Eep, that's a bit too true!
Woah haha 2012 people +1 this ahha
so freaking true!!!!!
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