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yeah, thatz real thought n reality.......
It can't be applied in every circumstances in real life. It is unlike the "happiliy ever after" things in Disney's drama movies.

In case of our beloved one occupying a job that many lives depend on it, its' worth to us to be 2nd priority then.

But anyway I like this quote, +1 :)
well.... sometimes we need to consider other people's time...that's where planning comes in..... time is money right?
this is totaly true love for some one in life
I very strongly agree with that. But sad but true there are those that claim to be friends as long as you can help them but let the circumstances turn around and thats when you really find out who your true friends are a true friend wont even think about a schedule of any kind
i agree with this.because i have a true friend.
100% tru if u have a friend like that. and if u dont then they rnt really a friend. :-)
You can say that again and never be wrong...he he he
I took all day but finally decency.★.@…@.♥♪
I would like to let you all know what you are in for when you call on those people who never look at their schedules when you need them. You usually don't need the people who don't look at their schedules. They are people that don't have schedules and except maybe a parole officer appointment or to go back to the half way house rehab at night and they are more of a distraction than any sort of help and most likely don't have any resources to would be helpful to accomplish what you want or need to do. They are the ones who call you to see what you are doing because they are not doing anything and they are bored because they are always doing nothing and the call is full of awkward silences and very little good ideas. They are so loyal though, I mean loyal like a Dog. So in summery those people are a waste of your time because they are not really there for you they are there to mooch off you or ask about what you have or ask a favor from you first then let you down when it comes to the time to help you with your stuff. You should be aware of this and realize they are there to waste your time like the loyal useless piece of crap they are just remember when you receive anything from these people it is not a gift and it is not free. Nothing in this world is free.
I like this very much, thank you!!
as an Indian, I've seen this text a million times till now !
yeah!!!absolutely agree
So true! Would love to have someone like that!
never a true word spoken
People that never look at their schedule doesn't have any !
Very true

I Never saw it that way
yes, but before that, ask yourself what would you do? Would you look at your schedules when someone would ask for your help?
Love the people who forget their schedules. Ever been asked for help and never even think twice?
If a person loves you, this person will always find time for you when it is really needed.
I completely agree with this cuz like I have some friends and 1 best friend.....what makes my best friend so different from the rest is tht he always finds time for me even when hes busy
yaah best frnds r part of our body.................;)
totally agree................
i think this is universal truth
respect is the best thing we can do in our life.
agreed,they are also the ones who need u ,maybe they wont mention that ,never let these go out of ur life...
Che Day
True very true 
Am I too late to say that this is bullshit?
If people are so madly in love with you that they forget everything else they ought to do, just because you asked a favor of them... that's rather manic, self-destructive.
no one will read this comment!
wonderful feeling and good suggestion
grt lines.........really every body should know it
rite people should understand this
am not a coffe reader or a palm reader i can,t predicted the future or no one else but am here if u need me is all in your hand to let me know if u need from me
Yip, I dnt thk any1 cld dis wi tht! Sweet
its nice and simple meanins for "love" ----i agree with this
FUNNY pictures and videos. FUNNY. You seem to have forgotten the mission statement. Not Faux intellectual, meaningless feel good statements, FUNNY PICTURES AND VIDEOS.
je suis tout d`accord... the people schedule is BUSY....
i love nature & animals......and i have no schedule
its humanity
real respect of freindships
How to find such a people.
Yes I agree, +1 this comment if you agree wiv me
It's annoying when people talk about what other things they have to do while they are with you...personally it makes me feel like I'm being rushed
So ture...I agree...thank god for true friends

its true!

happy at da same time worried!
Quiet true! We do some one when we are in a desperate situation. We should Love them, and they deserve it
I agree because my boy friend never had time for me and we broke up so yeah... 
shah jd
love and like
in front of person you love,your heart beats.
in front of person you like,you get happy.
again in front of person you love, winter seemslike spring.? isnt it tru?
shah jd
love and like
in front of person you love,your heart beats.
in front of person you like,you get happy.
again in front of person you love, winter seemslike spring.? isnt it tru?
very very true i gotta do dat
They wont look at theres if u don't look at urs. What gose around...
True, however there are very few peoples of such kind.
true and very good advice
i know a person who does this for me
This is all well and good, but it is also a 2 way street! Those people need to adopt the very same principles listed here and sacrifice his or her own schedule just the same. Hence the reluctance of those who have consistently done so and in the process have been burned or have burned out! Yes, there is unconditional love, but then there is being taken advantage of. 
May God bless you , that is a good feeling towards the other
am with you on this quite true.cos a person does not look at his or her schedule just to help someone in need doesn' mean the person needs a favor from the person in need nor does it mean he or she has no schedule.people of this school of thought are those who can't be true friends and thus don't believe in one.thumps up for the post well said yeeeeeeeeehaw!
500th comment and this is sweet <3
I'm 500th, u don't know da numbers!!!
that is so true there are too few people that will take the time to be there for ya when ya really need them. Its like as long as you are there for them everything is just great, but let the tables turn around and see who shows up
figure out which kind of person it is that never looks at their schedule and is there for you and do more then love them [ CHERISH THEM ] 
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