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Chili Power......
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pa wee
sucked it brotha..:))
Da't Chit was funny as hell!!
somthing to do besides "gangbangin"wheres the parents?
subestimo el chile!!! ...XD
oon banget LOL . hahaahhahahahaha
i watched it for ten minutes, and it is still as funny as the first time i saw it. LOL!!!!
LOL!!! he ran all over the room and forgot the water cooler behind him.
Water just makes it hotter, you need milk, or if you're lucky enough to have aloe vera on hand, serves him right. People that stupid need to remove themselves from humanities gene pool, maybe then we'll stand a chance.
shut up man its just for fun thats what frends do wen there bored and if you think its stupid doint look at it. go drink some prum juice old fart and eat some chilli powder voor dinner
he is not stupid, but he was prank'd. he thought it was cinnamon, you can find similar videos under the name "cinnamon challenge" on youtube.
He looked content and satisfied like a saint(at the start) but then something happened...
That's not chili. That's cinammon
stupid! Y N THE WORLD WOULD U EAT CHILI POWDER!!!! retarded ass! +Abrielle T look at this
how can u laugh at someone in pain?
he just .....i feel KIND of bad but not really
its not chili its the cinnamon challenge!!!! lol!
steven jo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u no this is the cinnamon challenge right? lol and YES, this is soooo funny!
when ever he would spit it out i say FUS RO DAH
it is chilli cinamon but it is nigerian chillli cinamon cuz they showed us the bottle on youtube thank you loll but yeah it is if u go on youtube n check it is relly chilli cinmon cuz it is n nigerean n tht is were he lives
It's impossible to eat a spoon full of it, i've tried and it
it looks like someone tried to take the cinnamon challenge! except its chili powder...
yes i think soo,its not chili powder
Das ist kein Chili das ist ein Teelöffel zimt zum nachahmen nicht empfohlen.
Thats not Chili, that is Cinemon. Dont Try this at Home
@ 1st, he's like "yea, i cud do this!" then the next second, he be lookin' like puff the magic dragon...LMFAO! *P.S. look @ his boy in the background...2 funny!
he was smiley smiley at the beginning.... lol
thats not chili powder its cinnamon lmao n i tricked my sister i had my little brother do it first he failed and then i did it and passed but what they didnt realize i gave my brother cinnamon and i did pudding lolz
Why? Because at some point, that seemed like a good idea... /facepalm
+Naomi Haile TY for that insight. i, 2, thought it was chili powder until i clicked ur link. wut i still dont get is WHY?? wuts the point to swallowing cinnamon?? they claimed snooki but wut does she have to do with this new thing going on? become a star for swallowing a spoonful of spice...yea, gud job teens!
hilarious.........watched it like a million times.....
Can watch this over and over, it'll never cease to make people burst with laughter !
i saw that on youtube...the cinnamon challenge
कोई तो पानी दो उसको
that guy is so !@#$ hilarious
it never gets old
even the hundredth time i seen this i still laugh
cenimion challenge and i know i miss spelled that word
lol it looked like a big chili cloud came out of his mouth
ROFL !!!! Lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its not chili powder its the cinnamon challenge, steven jo does the cinnamon challenge, look it up
his friend laughing at him is the
i won da cinnamon challenge 1 time
You idiot. That would be sooooo painful!
must have been really hot........
ARRRR I'd die I can't eat hot food let alone chilli
i love how he almost takes off his shirt even though his mouth hurts....
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