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great advice!
Life is always moving.
My girlfriend is an emergency room nurse, and she reminds me often that "All bleeding eventually ends" :o
Zhu Yi
that‘s right
I'm so taking this inspiration....that is super awesome!!!
im afraid thats not true for everyone..
I agree, Enjoy life and be thankful everyday for what we have and for the goodthings that are to come.
not everything in life temporary
you know first things
life is the temporary

think better vs smart
this isnt so , Having a good life is not temporary God will help you through the rough patches and if you truly believe in him and put your strength in him your life will get better . I know this from my own expierences .
Puc ca
Nature of life.
yep that's right. take ahold of it while you can because it won't last forever.
That's Buddhist belief and I can't agree more
So enjoy GOOD life to the fullest...think bad life just a nightmare...
Tim Ebl
Thanks for this. It actually helps me this week. 
thats so TRUE! live what you can so that later on you wont have to look back and say man i regret not doin that or this YOLO!!!!
Exactly what I needed to remember
it's the game of nature with all living creature
dates gewd talk who doesnt want to b like dat
that good only we live once
I am not sure I would agree to this statement - it is too apathetic. I think I am more cause over my life than that. I guess it works as an excuse for really ever making anything last forever. I think you create your own tomorrow always and by the way, I do not think we live only once either
What a motivation to me. Nice. Couldn't more agree ;)
i like dis sayin it inspires me 2 do tings i wnt regret don later on
Well i have been waitnig for my bad to stop for a long time..
i agree but we must do deeds to get reward in hereafter
Very nice. Always positive and enjoy every moment in the Life.
What a load of codswollop, happiness is a choice, you need to take authority of your own life not wait for dajafu
So true... Things get bad then they get good just like that... Live in the moment but never forget it when it passes
Whoever you are, thanks for posting this... I sure as hell needed this after the day I had

your right man your GOD BLESS US FOREVER!!!!!!!!
yup i hope the same but 1 thing is that we should not loose faith in ourself
A "GOOD" is between two BADs and a "BAD" is between two GOODs!! Life is like that! Just accept whatever phase comes and take the Good from it!! Nothing will bother you then!!
aren't these things supposed to be funny
good and bad..makes us grow
thanks for sharing ^_^
motivational..!! =[ Y happiness never last.?? :'((
Codswollop is an awesome word, +Janice Kerr, but there really are events that are out of ones control. You don't tell someone who's grieving the loss of a relative, "Hey, choose to be happy!" You don't tell someone whose rights are being trampled, "Buck up li'l camper!" If everyone ran around like a bunch of constantly smiling carebears on Prozac, talking about how permanently happy they are, I'd be pretty permanently unhappy.
very inspiring words....thanks...
It reminds me of a poem by Omar Khayyam a noted Persian poet and mathematician - Astronomer of many centuries ego:
As the cock crew, those who stood by the tavern, shouted:
Open then the door!
You know how little we have, to stay;
And once departed, shall return no more.
I hope that is really true because bad things are stuck in my life...
It would be nice for Good things to keep going on forever. But that is what the bible promises for the future, however many either do not read it or think it can't be true. Could it be that we have such a bleak view of life that we feel that humans can never have good conditions forever?
having bad things, good to know that it won't last forever :)
what a crapz wordz.. lol..dont deny fact.. bad things is the most last forever in lifetime.. you dead.. is gone.. but if you still live in this planet earth fo 80 more years.. are you damn sure you can just can forget it even u having hard time to let it go?..
I agree I wish I can tell this guy what he means to me but I hold myself till he tells first 
its very true though in difficult tyms we are neva able to sit bak n relax about this fact
Very true.!!!.. CHANGE is the only one thing that is permanent in life.
this is a path of lifeهذا هو مسار الحياة
It is fact everyone experience it

it is true, but not everyone realize on it!!!!
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيمWas there a period of time when man was not even worthy of a mention? (1) Verily We created man out of a drop of intermingled sperm so that We might try him, and We therefore endowed him with hearing and sight. (2) Surely We showed him the Right Path, regardless of whether he chooses to be thankful or unthankful (to his Lord). (3) For the unbelievers, We have kept ready chains and fetters and a Blazing Fire. (4) The virtuous shall drink from a cup tempered with camphor water. (5)This will be a gushing spring wherefrom Allah's servants shall drink wine, a spring from which they will take out channels wherever they wish. (6) These will be the ones who fulfil their vows and dread the Day whose woe shall be spread far and wide; (7) those who, for the love of Him, feed the needy, and the orphan, and the captive, (8) (saying): “We feed you only for Allah's sake; we do not seek of you any recompense or thanks, (9) we fear from our Lord a Day that shall be long and distressful.” (10) So Allah shall guard them against the woe of that Day, and will procure them freshness and joy, (11) and will reward them for their steadfastness with Paradise and robes of silk. (12) There they will recline on elevated couches and will be subjected neither to the burning heat of the sun nor to bitter cold. (13) The shades of Paradise will bend over them, and its fruits will be brought within their easy reach; (14) and there shall be passed around them vessels of silver and goblets of crystal, (15) goblets bright as crystal but made of silver, filled to exact measure. (16) Therein they shall be served a cup flavoured with ginger, (17) drawn from a spring (in Paradise) called Salsabil. (18) There boys of everlasting youth shall go about attending them: when you see them, you would think that they are scattered pearls. (19) Whitherto you look around, you will see an abundance of bliss and the glories of a great kingdom. (20) They [i.e., the virtuous] shall be attired in garments of fine green silk and rich brocade and will be adorned with bracelets of silver. Their Lord will give them a pure wine to drink. (21) Behold, this is your recompense and your endeavour has been appreciated. (22) (O Prophet), indeed We have revealed the Qur'an to you in portions. (23) So persevere with the command of your Lord and do not pay any heed to the wicked and the unbelieving, (24) and remember the name of your Lord, morning and evening; (25) and prostrate yourself before Him at night, and extol His Glory during the long watches of the night. (26) Verily they love (the good of this world) that is hastily obtainable and are oblivious of the burdensome Day ahead of them. (27) We created them and strengthened their joints; and whenever We wish, We can change their faces entirely. (28) Verily this is an Exhortation; so let him who so will take a way to his Lord. (29) But your willing shall be of no avail until Allah Himself so wills. Surely Allah is All-Knowing, Most Wise. (30) He admits to His Mercy whomsoever He pleases. As for the wrong-doers, He has prepared for them a grievous chastisement. (31) (AL-QURAN}
Cathy M
yolol (you only live one life !!)
yes,everything is just temporary. Et can be changed by your hands. let's believe that U can do everything! i wish everyone will perform one own dream
Not all. Especially relationship n trust

But in relations it affected badly sometimes.
i need to look at this everyday because when things go bad i forget it's only temporary.
so right.... my fucked up day will soon end
And if what''Nothing is going permanently''
everything here is true but sometimes it can last all your life
Wow, that really has given me food for thought.
happy in good and sad in bad is iron
happy in good or bad is silver
equanimous in good & bad is gold
unaffected & untouched by good or bad is platinum

as if you take interest in either one or get affected by either one then the other aspect will touch you for sure. its the pendulum of life. if you choose joy then sorrow will follow. thats the balance & harmony. they both come together. if you choose to enjoy then you will worry too. as without knowing worries you cant relate with joy.
but we humans are also gifted to be able to transcend from this ephemeral corporeal state.
very true and it just happen to me. really nothing last forever.
munju s
if only it was true...
damn rit,, enjoy it while ya have it
right if everyone follow this rule world will change
to do this you need a high level of patient which is really hard to maintain.......
life is something will should all enjoy and it makes us learn everyday. it doesn't care of the color or challenges your facing. just do what you have to do while you still have time in this world.
This is so cool. And I really never looked at it that way. It could change my whole outlook on life. LOL 
so nice and encoraging!!!
If you're insistent in uploading pictures containing text all over G+, make sure you get rid of JPEG artefacts.
thats true and motivating to those who are currently going through obstacles
ri888888................................whoevr u r..!!!!!
That is true every things turn bad when your life is going good but today is going to be an happy day 
DAMN that is so true hope that people in my life can know that
All we are is dust in the wind, dude. Dust. Wind. Dude.
yah! there's no such thing as FOREVER.
thats right!, necked we come n necked we all go!
Noa Fay
wow never thought of it like that
be so happy that when others look at u dey become hpp 2
+Kiss Yah Oh contrare, forever is "right now", whenever "right now" occurs.
I really like that because if one thing is constant in this world is change.
Cool soo cool. I love that
we should all trained to be sailors .. and get used to waves ,,,, up .. down ... up ... down ...up....
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im going to put my dick in this quote
Sometimes that's very difficult,but if you cam manage it you're the luckiest person in the world.
i agree u .life is temprary and we should use them goodly and dont sad
For every start, there also is an end. 
Feels like forever... Relativity at work!
Don't get me wrong right i love the quotes and stuff but shouldn't they have their own page or something?!

Give me more FUNNY!
Hay unas cuantas personas aqui que no saben la importancia de un humor sencillo y no sarcastico!
I want funny stuff not inspiring stuff! do what your title sayS!
post funny stuff not inspiring stuff
true but the people in ur life like my best friend will always be there for me thru thick and thin, good and bad no matter what hapens :)
Thank you.
That's what I need now.
post funny stuff not inspiring stuff
it doesnt matter if its funny or inspirational
FUNNY stuff no inspiring stuff. Or change your title
That is there in the case of bad situation.......... but not always in case of good times!!!!
if u hate ur life its never gonna end
things r really going too bad for me hope it gets fine soon
Soo True... And with that note. Cheers to Life.... Because it would be really lame if life would have been full of ups and downs :P
yeh bad and good times don't last for long ... :)
su su
So true!
no... its again me.. i am 500th... !!!
my bad things use to last forever, am I the only one??
There is a general saying that d only thing constant is change but we must believe in positive. God want d best 4 us though d fact remains that there is time 4 every thing in this earth. As long as we wait 4 our time prayerfully d bad time will surely pass( friday) & d good time (Sunday)will overshadow d bad, with prayer it will surely last as God planned it 4 humanity.
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