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i think study is not important, we need to have a dream in which position we'll reach up in future!!!!!!!
when you live your dream in reality success mean everything to you not failure like bill gate lives his dream in reality 
& we make him rich using his technology :)
Thanks Bill. Kids now have reason not to go to school. They can fail in some subject and hope to become rich. Good luck kids.
what nickname wud u prefer giving to Bill Gates ---- Billy or Billu
Blake B
My god, is this an accurate quote? I nearly had an aneurysm reading this atrocity.
Good engineer + bad leader = mediocre operating system
+Waleed Alowaiyesh , the point is that it doesn't matter how qualified an engineer could be, with a bad boss, the result cannot be good...
This can't be a real quote by Bill Gates, or at minimum a direct quote. There is no way he'd be that poor at English... "90% of internet quotes are made up" - Abraham Lincoln
but how many of those who failed became billionaires? 
This image has many of the things I hate about the internet: poor grammar, a falsely attributed quote, ugly color combinations and terrible JPG compression. This is 2012, either step it up from "Low" to "High" in Photoshop or just redo it.
I knew I shouldnt have passed my exams
Win Fe
+Jack Wolfe and they are spreading negativity. If you are directing this quote to impressionable youngsters, it will lead to false 'courage' in life. Hope the people will understand it.
everyone on this plant get equal chances to achieve their goals by the universe, but we should first know that where are we in life.
No... Zeynab Idris. He's trying to tell you, find what you good at and own it ..........   Doh !!!!
Win Fe
To attribute this quote to Bill Gates, its simply funny. A moron made this up, and we lap it up.
So, if the qualified geek got that job, maybe they'd have made a decent OS?
That Bill Gates fellow certainly speaks funny English.
you mean like one that thousands of business use and millions of people the evolved technology to a point it has never saw before? O yeah if only......   
Oh bill gates r u unfothered
beacause i can steal codes from others and he can't. [maybe from bill gates]
Falsely attributed quotes? Even though the above notion is true, the quote word for word is inaccurate.

Let's just be clear. It's only in the United States that you have to go to college/university to "be someone."

In other first world countries, you can be successful without an university degree.

The point of this quote is not to promote everyone failing exams, rather it highlights that too much emphasis is put on tertiary education to be successful.

Bill Gales steal codes from??
I was at the bottom of my class in high school now I am a Scout Sniper in our US military
It's not how long but how well. Money or wealth is not everything in life.
I would hope Bill's English is slightly better than whoever wrote this junk.
i went to college and wasted 25K to be something i can never be... college..
this is one in a million.. do you really think you can build a big corp. such as microsoft? GFYS!
Lots of Guys Fail Exam, But there is only one Bill Gates.
It helps to have an easy to remember name
Everyone should prepare his/her weapon life with school sucks. Like it or not

Should hardworking for normal people!
The point is that, you can be excellent even if you failed subjects in exam. So, do not be pessimistic if you did fail in exam.
I failed alot of exams too and you know where it got me? I own a computer with a microsoft OS. 
Crime is what you learn in the ally of [IBM] not the class room...
MY 36 in my science final exam...... Hallelujah ....Glory to Bill
Who made the first [DOS] for the army......But the the russians could bug it to easy,,
I failed alot of exams too, now, i am spending more than 10 hours per day on google it a bad habbit?
Think in different! That's the key to success, just don't try to imitate or satisfy other people; for instance, square waternelons, it could have looked difficult to accomplish but it turned out easy. An innovative and simple idea which is sold in a bigger price than a watermelon.
munju s
Intellegence...common sense....and ofcorse LUCK
Jod pol
Not true!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Bill gates is among the best student in his class or even in the country and before entered Harvard he graduated from one of the best private school in US.
His SAT score is 1590 out of 1600 almost perfect. 
Lady luck at the rite moment .. shazam !!!wif general knowledge n time,,,. Hmmm,,,
This is why it's so ridiculous that so much of primary and secondary education now is structured around standard exams. It's really just faux education.
One of the oldest sayings on Wall Street is, "if you want a job, get an education.  If you want to become rich, get a self education."
yeh sab ke jindegi ki story nahin hai.........
Sher Alam is very true. I mean with no education you are a piece of garbage in this world. It is a slim chance to have a job like Gates with no education
This is how I see it. No, one is perfect. To become a leader,  you learned from your mistakes, dare to dream and afraid to hire someone who is smarter than you. Oh, a little cockiness would not hurt because you need self-confident, but don't overdo it.
This is fake. It appears to have been written by someone who speaks a foreign language attempting to speak English.  Case in point...we would not say that someone worked "in Microsoft"....we would say "at Microsoft."

Also, Bill Gates would not refer to himself as the "owner" of Microsoft.  He might use the term "founder," but not "owner."
i m very much inspired of u .................thanks sir..
Yeah it's fake. I was too quick to comment. These Bill Gates things have been circulating in different forms for over a decade. But I still think standard exams are stupid for primary and secondary school. Heh
School education is for people to realize themselves and the world around them. Bill Gate had what most people in the world would not have, the government support for a world dominance. Bill Gate had access to a team of world expert around him in his interest, like those of us who had this interest. This shows what ANYBODY can do if they get the right support.
HRD 77
that statement by Bill Gates is inspiring and is hopeful to all the "failures" in life like myself
ya thats correct  friend passes in some subject but I allways get a+ in all subjects
he is the only luckiest person with great spirit. luck come first
There is a book called no forunte with out a crime...
this is success...............
Not anybody. It takes providence, the right intellect for the right situation, the right support base, and the right timing. Everybody is DIFFERENT. People are not blank slates that can be built up any way you like. Take identical twin studies for example. There have been several studies of identical twins separated and raised in different families growing up with remarkably similar traits. Genetics are much more significant than environment. But please don't take that to mean I'm saying environment has no importance at all. It's just LESS significant than genetics.
He deserves what he got,who would put half of his $$$ to charity?The man is real humaterian,leave him alone.
The comment really doesn't mean much.  Hard work and intellect guarantees nothing. A significant amount of success is little more than dumb luck.
+Carlos S. M. No Carlos, it IS fake.  It is not even written in proper English.  I can assure you with no doubt that this is NOT a quote by Bill Gates.
It is a fake based on grammar alone.  To non-native speakers it may look correct, but to a native English speaker, you have no idea how awkward and wrong it sounds.
wat the heck r u tryin to teach only hardwork gets u places i love steve jobs
This is utter rubbish - what's failure in the first place??? Bill Gates was extremely good at studies having been admitted to Harvard with a perfect score on his SATs. He dropped out of Harvard to start Microsoft because he knew he had to enter the PC revolution before it was too late. That isn't being a failure... It's being a visionary and THAT is why he owned the biggest software company and others who stayed on in school work for him instead. And now, he is doing more for the needy than most rich folks do in their lifetimes.
I don't get wt this guy is trying to say here???? I'm lost help plezzz
The whole thing is rubbish and poorly constructed.
so, the dumb get rich, but the smart become poor?
Russia is poor everywhere, which is why it's superior!
Ob Mon
no way. no way this is true. gates is too smart to say something like that in public.
That's how it is,the world is full of obstacles to block your way foward but everything lies in the hands of the LORD and "the unexpected" can happen at any time! born rich nomatter what...!
dats the name of the game
Success in anything is first about developing a mindset, developing a burning desire, focusing on it, believing it, and working your ass off (but it won't be work if you love it right?) It's mostly your thoughts.
What the abnormality in this game? What`s the matter?
That is only luck.... Mr. Gate !
It just means that Bill Gates is not a good engineer, just lucky in business.
Always be nice to a Nerd. One day you may well be working for him.
To succeed without a formal education requires a lot of common sense, which you most certainly don't have if you thought that this quote was legitimate. 
Sometimes one single fact can really hurt :D
ell....right concept..i m also trying
so....ur trying to tell me to fail in exams?!
Yep, it's not where you begin but where you END up that matters!
Without failure ,You want have a testimony
i think the message is if you're an unscrupulous genius, exams are of no consequence. But I'm guessing we all knew that anyway.
stop copy paste from my blog... :p
The people who think this is some sort of advice, are NOT people who own companies. The reason you didn't pass your exam is you didn't know the material. "Try harder" should be the message, not: "Do a half-assed job, or give up, because you might somehow start the next Microsoft if you do." This is simply Gates bragging about owning MS again.
It's saying you don't need exam results to be successful. Unfortunately the reality is that people that don't bother with exams usually end up flipping burgers. For every millionaire with no qualifications there are a million people with no job.
so don't bother about school kids, billionaires didn't either....
Quit worrying about how so much! Focus on why, If the why is really meant to be, the how will come!!
lol my friends dad works with bill gates
Superb... Lucky man indeed
I think that this is an invitation to failure.
i think that we can tell from this that theoretical not but practical knowledge and business matters
Well, This sentence has many meanings. School and colleague are important but they are not everything. if you failed in something you still have a chance somewhere else.
haha is it lucky person or professional one 
Isn't necessarily good, professional, or even an engineer. Lucky, yes, there is that. just shows the unpredictablity of life :-D
Mr Bill Gates definitely trying to encourage new generation who had not done well in their recent exams.
The quote really amazes, doesn't it?
This shows the type of world/society we live in.
there is always a hope,,,
Thats all the encouragement i need to do nothing before my exams
Yeah, his friends parents didn't have connections at IBM and a father who was an intellectual property lawyer. Bill didn't exactly grow up mowing lawns and delivering papers. 
This shows that those who take the lead do so not because they are the best or the most qualified but because of self belief and competitiveness. This can also be described as arrogance and aggression - it depends on your point of view.
@Thomas MacCallum U are right
self belief is so important!!!
Failing in exam is common for me..... So my friend be ready to be my servants! Lol :-)
urslf is only highest role modele for you so donot ignore urself

Exam never Grade People Life!!!
The chances that bill gates ever said anything this silly and obnoxious and gramatically wrong are zero.
This is an exception rather than a rule. In real life such things happen once in a blue moon.
usually those who fail are failures all their life... the exception happens when you have a purpose or a dream in your life... something that makes you forget about all the minor details in your life. Bill Gates was that exception. For all the others out there who failed the exams: dont give up... or... follow a dream. Your dream.
There are plenty of failures but Billgates is only one. So live as you
Bill gates is the master.Google co. has to learn from him.
It is to be attributed to your previous good karma.
I wish Bill gates would get back TO microsoft. I fear they are straying too far. Bad Balmer! Bad!
how gud how nic,,, skull ainta everything
They say if you are the most intelligent person in your business, then your business is in trouble. So true.
egg jams and marks are just a measure.....imagine things without boundaries and measures and you shall be where Mr.Gates is 
"I'm a Hippie before, not to mentioned how much I hated to have shower, and yes, I owned Apple Inc.", Job, Steve. 
This is a) a bad moral to teach people b) ungrammatical and c) is neither a funny picture or video.
oh god how i hate that man.
Chris the moral is exactly for you.
You failed to laugh at first attempt, may you succeed on next attempt.
exams never make me worried. I'm just worried about what I have learnt
appo arrear vaikkiradhulla thappe illa
It means knowledge is permanent nd marks r always temporary study only for knowledge nt fr will automatically comes... salute to Bill Gates!!!!!!
thnks for this .... now i know we should not stop n give up, just stay in your way, do it n change it if be success thnks again ... i'm so happy when i read it n i must trust myself too thnks for this post... sharing is caring..  
First class: became engineers
Second class: became MBA grads and managed them
Third class: became doctors
Failed: became politicians and managed all.
I failed in some subjects and hoping to be the next Bill
thnks for this msg..................
that is called destiny... so friend... please don.t believe that if we fail... not to worry...
Exams in all education system is only meant to test how we learned things that taught to us yesterday irrespective of our real time understanding they doesn't meant to test the explorer ability, depthness , ability to think deeply and visualizing ability of any concepts in real time scenario for practical application of our conscious and subconscious mind and later on in life i.e., the time in which we utilize our all education for innovation ,practical application then only those amount of education matters that we understand deeply in both conscious and unconscious mind . So, if we failed yesterday it doesn't mean we're going to fail in everyday i.e., in today and in tomorrow. 
Yes, but they are the exceptions among dropouts. Dropping out is not exactly a career plan!
A regular dream or a really Big dream. Dream big cause they can come true.
There is no way that this terribly broken English quote is actually from Bill Gates. The sentiment maybe, but those can not be the words he spoke.
Bill Gates did not say this. Bill Gates didn't flunk out, he quit seeing opportunity. I doubt Bill Gates ever got less than an A in anything. This quote makes him out to be barely literate. 
the owner doesn't have to be smart?
exceptions cannot be quoted as examples. and destiny is one fact
no one can change.neither engineer nor the owner the real asset is
the satisfaction one gets on his achievement
After the skills, desire and hard work - luck is all you need..
I don't believe a men who failed in exam, but i believe the men who own Microsoft, hahah
is it true. cause i like it.........
The great poet Tagore also failed in his school days. It proves that the  failure is the pillar of success.
It depends on how u study. Somebody who memorizes the whole book and vomit it on the exam paper, fails in life. Somebody who desires knowledge, loves to learn, wins the life..
At last a great mind that can reach the peaks of Xanadu - 2112
I don't think Bill would have said that, he speaks English.
And in the nineties he dismissed the internet
Apparently English was one of those subjects. For some reason, I don't believe that was written by Bill Gates.
I guess the point he is trying to approach is "work smart, don't work hard",and I think he is right.
What bill is saying is that we can all get to where we want to be,its all up to you!!!!!
So whose the gifted one. I love it!.Keep up the good works Mr.Gates, cause your really the brilliant 1

and the problem with Windows is because of who?
Nas Iim
whoa,that's one of the best things i've read today. awesome!!
i thought bill gates was a pop singr
Incredulous.....That is a huge ego...I feel pity for Bill rather?
May his soul rest in peace , you remind me ,
did you not hear the remaining part of the quote? It is, "some of my other friends also failed in several subjects, some of them are janitors in Microsoft and other companies"

The point is, extrapolating one example is dangerous. Do what your parents tell you to do, i.e., study hard and try to pass all subjects. That way you may probably still not end up creating a company like Microsoft but at least you are sure to get a good job and not end up at the bottom of the food chain.  With some luck you may also create a great company
Bill Gates has better grammar than that.
well, we all do know that you're not going to be as successful as mr gates. so stop feeling good for your failures and start working hard :)
'the exception that proves the rule'
We all take different lessons from the same experience!! Try to focus on the positive aspects of life & make the very best of what you have!! Some have different needs & motivations & desires!! Reach for what you want in life & make the very best of yourself & your life!! <3 Never forget the power of laughter & joy in this world!! <3
That is kinda racist if the guy who passed all his exams is black or hipanic or chinese
501.What is so proudy about this?
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