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Pink or . . . Green !
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optical illusion, stare for long enough and you begin to see green.
pink but the light is green and blue dots are runnig along..because of high colour intensity of Pink dot ,hence while seeing them...we recognize only pink.
Mr Bin
Blue...He he
yeah if u look in the middle you can seegreen and pink
Pink when wiggles with running dot

Green (light green) - when starts at + or a single dot
i just saw pink disapearing then the green was replacing the disapearing pinks then all the pinks disapeared then it was just a moving green ball then in a flash i saw a pink and green circle awesome
both green and pink..........
if you concentrate at the center for sometime, you see only green dot moving, and pink disappears, its an illusion
when u stare at the " + " it appears as green....but when u follow the moving dot it appears as pink...
concentrate at the center without closing your eyes, and pink dots disappears and one green dot is on the screen AWSOME!
when u look into that mark in the middle all the pink dot disappears only green is visible
Where is Pink, it's Green....
pink then green :) i <3 optical illusions
depends on concentration
its both its green then when the green move it turn that spot into pink
Is this why we don't have pink traffic lights?
look at the cross in the middle.
Dawn F
That's pretty cool:)
pink pink pink!!!!! why would it be green?
no there is green too but pink is clearly obvious
the whole thing starts to look green after a while
This is an illusion.. the pink balls just disappear and the illusion makes it like they turn into green balls.
if u keep looking at the cross the dots dissapear
I can't see green, just pick
i would press like on every single comment, but thatz boring
Focus on + in you will see green
El verde es el que se mueve, el rosado es estacionario.Lo notamos más si nos que damos mirando el rosado.
to be specific, it is called the lilac illusion
Liza T.
i didnt get it at first.....
sometimes pink, sometimes green.
thats round ball is green and remaining balls are green
Observe the background colour. It's grey. When you mix pink and grey, you get green. Hence if we keep on staring at the + sign, it creates an illusion of the colour change.
focus on the center and you'll see a green circle moving..
i like the + sign.........................
if we concentrat at the center then .
we can see the one
uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... i see pink, black and gray
Amazing.,.,must be some illusion.
Apsd Su
WIN! well for the.... umm... BOTH! :D
A ver para cuando se pueden ver imagenes .gif en los celulares!!! La aplicaion Android no permite ver estas imagenes, por eso muchos comentaron que no se veia el verde, incluyendome :P
i just stared at that for ten minutes. holy crap
I would go and say all this sciency stuff and confuse you all, but I'm just gonna say it's magenta. If I give people the science of it, unless you JUST took Gen. Science 9 or you're an art or science teacher, you won't get it.
Samu S
Lol my eyes are tricking me AGAIN!! damn god you eyes!
only green...

concentrate on the "+" sign... u will see only green dot is rotating........
Pink + Green so..... Pinreen..
its because pink and green are opposite colours aren't they?
mind can play some weird tricks
OMG! its pink when u just look at it but its green u focus on the + wow im impressed
k, so the purple is wearing out the purple receptors in your eyes so that when a purple dot suddenly dissappears the opposite of purple, green, is shown
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