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Evolution of the Coca Cola.....
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-cocaine -sugar +high-fructose corn syrup :(
every couple of year its get smaller
there should also b inculded the present posture 2012 :)
hahahaha its like a sports car ruy n't it!!!!!
The glass bottle has gotten smaller, at least in the US, but I know the 500 mL bottles are still available from Mexico. Here in the US plastic and aluminium cans have replaced glass due to cost, and the amount of cola has increased tremendously. We have 16, 20 and 24 ounce sizes in convenience stores and in some markets even sell 1 L bottles for individual consumption. Of course you can buy up to 48 oz or more in plastic cups, lol… no wonder we're all so fat, we should go back to 12 oz servings!
this just shows corporate greed. as time went by the bottles got smaller but the price increased
а бутылочка все меньше и меньше))))
I don't drink a lot of coke/soda/soft drinks, but when I do I usually get the Pepsi "Throwback" or a Mexican Coke because they are made with sugar and not with high-fructose corn syrup. The US needs to be like Europe and ban it altogether.
In 1957, Coke bottles come in 7 oz. and they tasted stronger too. Today's Coke is too sweet.
WOW !!!! 1899 & 1900 Coke bottles look more like alcohol (hard stuff)...
Coca Cola...............................
1916 was stylish one !!!
Damn the 1899 bottle is all kinds of awesome! 
tyst _
Cocaine Cola - nothing changed you still get hooked to it.
I like it is hard to see them
nice way to show of innovative idea........
i think 1899 have more than 1986 and cost - ,no + jajaj
before 1990 it is drink of woman aftr 1990 it is drink of man
Anyway,Coca Cola is safer than beer.
Decrease in volume and probably concentration 
Nice.. why Do Coca-cola in Mexico taste better then the Coca-cola in the states
from straight lines_man made
curve lines god send...poison...!
The first one. the one which had cocaine inside.
Every evolution the bottle gets smaller but peoples waists get bigger
Now its in plastic bottles and aluminum cans! I like glass better!
the first one looks like a perfume bottle. the second looks like a wine.
Hahahahahaaaaa..... I love the 1899 bottle they should go back to it
The 1915 bottle is the ugliest of them all
but the has increased in the opp. way :P
In 1915 cokecola gaind some weight
Evolution of Toilet cleaner.
I wonder what the original Coca Cola actually tasted like....
bence esk şişeleri daha orjinal duruyo
if you actually look the placement of the bottles is farther back as you go along.
i like the 1986 ones..... do they still have those?????
ME too! I remember those for sure!
Actually the taste had to change in the Coca-Cola family between 1916 and 1986 since they banned the use of the Coca plant to process in the finished product. The company had to redesign their whole product to taste similar using different items to account for the loss of the coca plant extract.
i love john penderton.. he create an tasteful forula
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