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Funny Math Triangles-area ... Why wasn’t I shown this in math class...
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I kinda remember seeing this method in my school textbook.
after seeing it 3times, i can understand.... late...
Lmao! I love good simple humor! Don't over think it!
hahahahaha yeah right.. i wish i could have that green line in every exam!!
Actually, this is a very clever way to visually show that a square with sides c x c (call it square C) is equal to two squares with sides a x a (square A) and sides b x b (square B).
The green line's only purpose is to show that baby squares A and B are constructed from mommy square C.

It's a little harder to imagine that sides a, b and c can be variables, but watching the animation gives you a mental image that what's happening is generally applicable.

Also interesting, if you mentally reduce the Blue Square (call it square D) to zero, you can imagine sides a and b becoming the same length (and consequently Squares A and B becoming equally sized).

Hope this helps. I paraphrase Einstein: "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Thanks +Majid Dawood Khan for the share.
Anna B
Pythagoras forever!!! :)
The Golden Section and Pythagorean Theorem
That's kinda of a sick way to explain the Pythagorean theorem, but still, math doesn't cease to amaze me!
I wonder if this is how Pythagoras got his theorem?
My math teacher in 9th grade showed us this.
I know some similar methods, but this one is great
Me, i just believe that a2 + b2 = c2. I can work from that.
Used to square up rooms in buildings with this.good way to duoble check 
awesome, that is so awesome
im in 8th dont know how to find the area at all xD
me too im in 8th high algerbra and i still dont get that cuz like....... hmmmm.
Square of the hypotenuse equals the sum of squares catete
good observation...........great............
yes you DO use math in everyday life!
Move the triangle created by a square. The area of the square is the square side. Area of larger square Rabbi square of the hypotenuse. Correspondence of the area is equal to the square of the small squares of the legs. The sum of the squares of the same small area of the larger squares. From this we see a ^ 2 = a ^ 2 + b ^ 2
Tao Xu
it's so straightforward...
omg.... why cant teachers teach it like that!!! dumb teachers! god!
Because there was no google+ when you were in math class. Now show it with your kids.
Actually, I learned that last year...
wow............ who cares????? its stupid BECAUSE its common sense
dont think it can be explained any better
if you paid attention in math class you would already know this its called the Pythagorean Theorem ( c2 = a2 + b2 )
i'm in fifth grade and i already know that
In school we were taught to solve problems and memorize the methods, no need to actually understand the principles behind them.
well, 26 years after, I understood that _,
if u never learned
this pythagorean proof u got issues
had to prove this one
years ago
....learned this in 2nd grade
was re-taught it in 3rd-8th grade...
i didn't understand any part of this video
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