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its my phylosphy.........!
Who stole it..............?
Meanwhile back at the ranch somebody loves ya baby Diana Ross!!!
thats the best ........................TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sony a
100% true
More than true. This to inform them that whether they dislike you in any way you are immovable.
I did this with my dad, He hit me. then he got happy and now I want to kill myself. At least it works, Right?
yeah,,,,,,,,,,, its cool
yeah true.......i do that in front of the people who dosen't like me then it ends up, everybody hates me for i think no reason......
I agree and do that... they just get so pissed off!!!! xD
In general, the one i don't like seems happy. it kills myself.
What kills them even more is loving the people who don't like you. You might get some interesting results.
ra na
suuuuuuuper nice :-)
i did that before, in the end they start laughing too!
it's really, fully, truly agreeable..............
and it may help them in the long run. Happiness brings a smile usually to the face, may take time, but inside of them, they feel that smile in turn. Thanks for sharing this graphic.
I don't give a fuck nor waste my energy in people who don't like me.
Or just 'Ignore' them.....
ha! I know right?
be happy always, let the people who don't like go fuck themselves, jaja.
I will give it a try on Monday ;-)
its work realyyyyyyy........................:)
don't do a job to excite Jealousy of others. try to please all people. then most of them will become your friend.
absolutely! today was a crying day for me,and though i couldn't help be like that, i agree.
THAT is probably THE most important message in life... Mwahahahaha...
bri bri
omg i do this all the time
thank you no i know what to do in front a boy
ya it's true. i am always like that
Dawn F
I do that haha!
i do that a lot man that get mad ang cry lol ...
just same my situation yesterday lol...
I am going to try it now!
I am not agree. Don't defeat or kill people, Try to win the people....
Very true, same with people who cut you off, laugh and smile.
wat we get if we do like dat.........
I had a laugh at this one Thanks
sweet.hehe u mean try to make them jealous
i ,ve tried it often, it really works.
bless those who don't like u. love your neighbor like yourself. can u ?
ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Truly it KILLS them!!!!
did it to my hater and then she started to like me, ah but no idnt like her now
of course it will it's true I'm not laying.
Anand S
Yeah . A nyc
lol i do it all the time to wind them up !!!! lol but really soooooo true !!!
So VERY true - just watch their faces !! :(
it's hard to do but i'll do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
trying doing that every day
really true .....................i do it...............i enjoy this..............
really im sure theres alot of ppl who don't like me i'll have to try that!!!!!!!!!!
That is so true i did it in front of a person i hate.
Soe Yu
let me share
none of the people how don't like me are not alive today.
LOL i do that  SO people i dont like KNOW that my LIFE = HAPPINESS its TRUE my life is HAPPY
it's what do in front of haters
haha.. gonna do it.. :)
so freaking true.. haha

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Agreed. Because people who hate you want you too be miserable. 
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