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yes your right...
so true...
Why do you have to capitalize every word ? 
+Danielle Zaidel
You said caps lock. Now stop putting me down! ;)
Isis Fu
yes yes
Person #2: Why? Cause im above you?
Isis Fu
EXACTLY! get to the point people
Jay Raj
You don't say.
Hey you, Hitler!
Did you ever stop to consider that person might have stepped all over humanity first. 
thats the .................present,,,,,,,,,so just think about .........future
Needn't be so! 'Motiveless malignity (remember Shakespeare) may also prompt some guys who are above you to let you down.
But it always takes a while to realise if you are above them or not.
you make my day, family member try to pin me down, stood steel about my decision, thx to make me realize where I stand, be stronger, then make peace to myself
Remember that pulling down is not easy than starting to reach up above. So try not to give em a chance to bring you down.
If u stepped on them on your way up be always alert!!!
the hands at the top make it 10 times better
++++++++++++++++ too many
"Difinitely" U are RIGHT
seems so true to me,no wonder it never stops
can't get any more real than that!
What if they purposely crash land into you?
That's the whole point of the saying, duh 
true....jus throw them a biscuit and go back 2 ur work.....
its true but everything has a start&an end
it is true.. their selective language can full some...but not all...
i just cant wait to prove my dad wrong he hates it that im going to enlist.
Aloha hua mahi kūō this is so true
I don't agree, because sometimes, the people bring us down, because we are dictator.
You are looking at that from a geopolitical perspective, ie: Sadam, Gadafy, Assad, the Ayatollah of Iran, the Saudis, Yemen the Bahrainys Burma and Putin. I think it was ment as a personal pop psycology reference.
I agree. When I said I was going to get a PHD people throught I was Insane. Now that I only have two more years and I will have one, it think it is ironic.
Dats' d Fact ! N' also a Fact beyond every act !
Dats' d Fact ! N' also a Fact beyond every act !
and that means they're jealous ...
am not agree with u, b'coz sometimes we are wrong, isn't it?
pity that it's more often I feel people are trying to trample me under foot.
Or I think you peasants have gotten too uppity.
How about the ones bringing you down by stepping on your head?
i do not agree.true person always trying to bring down the lie
Na so e be ma bros all over the world
n some time people are above to you.....
It is the 'Holier than thou' attitude than a bond-builder aptitude! BEWARE OF THEM FOLKS!! he he :P
The very feeling that I am above others, makes others to bring you down
Not true...this means that you are making enemies who are going out of their way to hurt you...try to befriend them, help them, and they will help you instead of trying to hurt you.
Like the spider
just try to spread your strings of love and catch everything touch them
No one is above those who sink to acting on jealousy?
that really helped
i had a bad day 2day...
(it waz a bully)
I agree whit that coz you beet them 10x.
Some people delight in clipping wings because they are afraid to fly, they view the soaring heights with trepidation, they fear crashing into the distant ground because they have no faith in their own skills.

Don't ignore them, just consider the Source of their Malignance and understand that they are Irrelevant.

Or, "Misery Loves Company."

Your Choice, Make the right one.
that´s arrogant, and simplistic, why do we walk upright and animals on all fours - it´s not because of greatness, its the facility that animals adopted instead of constantly bend down to get through undergrowth in the jungle. Humans don´t live in the trees - (Ha; ha, got you there!)
That is a nice way of looking at it :-) though I don't feel completely comfortable with it. The one thing I would change is the 2nd last line, to "they worry that you are".
We suffer from our comparisons of ourselves to each other.
datz nyc. Google+ z gud n i truly fnk datz true
+Marcus Anderson - cheer up, stand up to people who trample you, or ignore them. And, there are nice people around.
Brillant, Positive, Great!
people who are not well educated or cannot function socially need someone or something to talk about.
Revelation of the truth
بود آیا که خرامان زدرم باز آیی گره از کار فرو بسته ما بگشایی
Such a hateful person misery loves. Company try being less misrabl might make u feel better!!!!!
i already experienced this.....and they wanted to be like you,as who you are.....
:)) That..... explained everything
True,and if they are trying 2 bring u back means u are ahead of them.
True,and if they are trying 2 bring u back means u are ahead of them.
It's a mischief of fools and ploy of intellectuals
omg fuck YEA all the haters in the world or dat people that hate u are just jealous of ur style even if they denie it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the inspiration....
One simple photo
Few word
100s of comments
I learn about humanity more than befor
Irony !!hhehheh
this is great
Eleanor Roosevelt :
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"
would you be sure that they will go no further below ?Anyway,whats the great thing to be above the rest,Try your best,be yourself!
Matt V
It can also mean that someone above you doesn't want you on their level. 
a bit selfish for my taste... I rather say that im not above but rather they are a-holes and leave it at that
How if you already down ? :)
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So true its called haterz
it's not utter a word,and keep quiet.
that is so true about people, because they feel bad about themselves, so they try to put you down
It's completely true and wonderful
totally agree 100%
Ur on the top of ur haters so let them be on the bottom:) cuz if ur the one whos up ur the bigger person
i'm last comment. Like this one
Les Ma
looool, no i am 500 AGAIN!
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