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Newton Asked : How To Write 4 In Between 5?
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muy buenoo, arriba los ingenieros!!
5. Get drunk and you can see anything you want!!!!!!
now thats what i call pure engineer "A DRUNK ENGINEER"
I'm proud to be an Engineer ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
5 is not equal to five, just clever. So it does not compute.
this is only for engineers cuti...
ye baat aisi hi hy jese bghair hawa k balloon
I figured that out without being an "engineer". Easy.
i lik it..............hmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn vry clever!!!!
E N G I N E E R R O C K S. . . . .! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
English student first corrects Newton and says, "drop the 'in' and ask the question again".
Dats Call, ENGINEERING..!!!!!! keep it up guys....
Yeah! the engineer will make it fit there but you"ll never get it out if needed!
Engineers are awesome. You're too jealous to admit it. :D
gr8 thinking an engineers. i proud 2 b an engineer.
Nice post ............. my idea is skill aren't depend on writing matter my dear KIT
great its should be proud of all Engineers LIKe me.........................
blah blah blah. How many Engineers do you know who would actually come up with that solution?
I am mathematician, does that count? I did not think so.
As a mechanic, i can say that i saw some poor engineering that would have been easily fixed if some common sense was used . Not saying that all engineers are like that ! Just my opinion.
engineers r think hatke.......!!!
engineers rock.....!!!!!!!!!
I love engineering but these kinds of posts makes them look pathetic.. Engineers do not need these kinds of B.S.'s to prove themselves...
Peace be upon you all.. :D
That's not "four in between five", that's "four in between FE" or "four inside five" - typical engineering misunderstanding.
You could go for 5-4-5 but that would be "four in between fives" ... the bottom line is that the terms of the task are under-specified and out of context.

It is also typical of engineers to post a joke as a graphic when it could be more easily, and more cheaply, and more efficiently, be posted as text.
Engineers Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, yeeeeeeeeeyepe
There are 10 kinds of people.. Those that understand Binary, & those that do not. :)

M PROUD 2 b an Enggineer. :)
+Sasa Peric "IV is not 4, it's 4th."
LOL. ahh some comments you just can't help but notice. Wow, hope you were joking about that.

Still, not sure what this has to do with engineering... seems like a bit of a stretch. lol.
rockers engineer...................
the designer said a lot of things based on leading and kerning. It bored everyone.
We r engineers

Technically that is writing 4 within 5 which does not meet the requirement spelled out.

this must be thought of an Arts student.... Engineers just execute them
End User answer: FIVE, there's already 4 letters between 5 spaces. You engines try to hard find the obviousness of life.
why,i,m engineer and it,s great
Nice to Imagine Newton taking some time out to spend with Doctors, Scientists and Engineers.. lol
Newton is a physicist... isn't that... Scientist o.O?
Well I'm not an engineer, but I do like this one.
Iwant to be engineer for googl+ because ilike airtel
i am engineer, but i would not have found this out :)
I had this figured out but i am not an engineer. Where does that leave me?
XD best answer ever....add me people
aha.. one engineer construct a nice word, then all engineers in this cycle's forum proudly get a credit of it. shame on them !! remember, YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE, YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE !! still appreciate the joke's creator, but not the rest (which is also means that they have to take a REST instead of being proud of things they didn't do.)
Ah what asinine bullshit. If this reflects anything is the lack of clear communication and inherent promotion of inappropriate assumptions over understanding and fact that pollutes most businesses.

An engineer who laughs at science and mathematics is an engineer with a broken tool set. People who act like that ruin projects.
Smart and proudly to be an engineers because we are important in this world.things in this universe all are created by engineers.
"In this Universe"? God was an engineer huh?
Imma proud future engineer :')
engineer or any thing else, we must be best in our job !!! (a engineer)
Am a doctor, but wow! Got to say the answer is clever! Well done engineers ;-) 
you must be an engineer(like me) to get it cassie!
what should we do if we are not agreed?!!!!
its not joke,internate,or imposible,but its brain of man.haaahahahah!!!!!!!!!!
thats funny i would have never guessed that!
I'm sure had newton been asking and wasting time on such questions, no one would have heard of him today :)
am not an engineer..but i got the answer....
I see what you did there!😄
thats whats engineer are for! haha...
I'm a science student... I don't like it,hic. althought that's true..
A much simpler way would be to just write "4 in between 5"
Because you are not an engineer !! :D:D:D
engineering students are allways rocks
Does this mean engineer students can't s(pe)ll... LOL
I highly doubt that a typical engineering student would answer this properly!
yes its true I know because i m an engineer from mechanical engineering
Yeah...I'm one of them(Engineer)...
I think i have an engineering mind!!!!!!!!!! that is so funny!!!!!!!!!
Totally agree.....engineers always figure it out...proud to be one.
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