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Totally agreed.. :|
wish we could sigh
Un commentaire? .........ben, tout est relatif.
because we let our pride and egos get in the way of solveing probelms
Well said +william donovan jr ! We create problems because of our ego and pride, and the only thing to solve them is by losing our ego and unnecessary pride.
What if the problem is a hurricane destroying your house ?
Then I Think that you should get to safety! Then Think about how to get a hold of your insurance agent. 
He said: "A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels."  No source for that variant has been found.
we have to think differently to solve out our problems after this we are able to be a good creative thinker.......
so true! doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is insanity.
its depond on of our thinking this is problem or the way of success
Ama remba correct intha mandaya vachu problem solve pannurathu kastam tan

So true!! This, (appearantly) from the man who gave the best definition for insanity I have ever heard.
of course, because we think on it by another side
Brilliant in its obvious simplicity.
...Oh, but Mr. Einstein, some we didn't create ourselves, say cancer, malaria, Hurricane katrina, cheny/bush/obama for openers... Any ideas?
hurricane kathrina -> the warmer oceans allow bigger storms, might have been us,
cancer -> pollution, radioactive waste everywhere and poisons are the main reason for cancer
cheney/bush/obama -> self made, no denying our responsability
malaria -> allright, this is probably something we didnt influence.

think again, +Daniel Carroll, if your question really applies ;)
Sorry dont speak spanish xxx
 Manarius, leprosy is a form of cancer in it's been around since recorded history, Hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes have been recorded for at least 1500 yrs, especially the volcano that buried Pompeii, (many centuries befor that,and cheney/bush/obama didn't do what they swore/promised to do....Is that because of us? Not me at least...
That's not genius, that's just common sense
So let's pile on lots more government debt
well that's because a lot of the problems are created due to lack of thinking.
thats true we cant solve problems by thinking it should be in action
Then why not think beforehand of the problems our creations bring with them and drop the creation ideas for which we don't have a problem solution...... the world would be in a lot less trouble....... 
Just change your attitude, the problem can be solved. Your attitude should be to solve it and not to create it again
This is great. I appreciate the quotes and sayings people put up. I read and it makes me stop and think. This is a good one. Great for someone to live by and remember them to pass on to the next person.
Thanks for everything, Einstein.
ما نمی توانیم مشکلاتمان را با همان تفکر سابق حل کنیم
ما آن تفکر را استفاده کردیم وقتی که آن را خلق کردیم
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