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Wish not true but history repeats itself. 
Never did to my child what my mother did to me.
so u mom!!!!
Yes, it's true! i did both before, a mother and a father...
No one can understand it til they are a mother..
I love my mum till death! NEVER WANT THAT DAY TO COME! EVER! :)
it doesn't mean u'r mum is going anywear,only tht we dont Truelly appreciate her,until u'r doing the same 4 ur kids/ or kids u will hve!
this is absolutely true...i came to appreciate and understand all the things my mom did and reminders she gave when i became a mother also...
OK, now this one is true down to the core. I am guilty of this very thing. That which I swore I would never do when raising my children, out of love sometimes is necessary. I am my mothers child. Darn it.
Very true that's greatness of mother
or when your mother is gone
Or what your dad did for you
Mothers are great. They are the only souls on earth who care for you, who love you, ... matter how bad the child is..mothers still cares...
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