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All black shades when the sun comes up!!!
i'm agree...big likeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..............
The stars very much there, out of our vision, its a known phenomenon.
It will only get dark if you let it get dark. I choose to keep the stars out.
why does funny pictures and videos post not funny stuff and just motivational crap? seriously? how about some funny pictures and videos, hence the name?!
it does post funny stuff. you just weren't on when it happened.
no they don't. i was following them for a long time and i come on g+ every day, at least twice. in other words, muchas veces.
Message is good bt explanatory example is lol
We all to decide, on how to prolong it, For our future generation.
Don't think the sun or stars solve our problems.give me so
Something I can chew on...
I hope I win the Florida lottery tomorrow lol

Ya...nice advice.I hope the stars always in my life.cause I don't like the darkness.
loosing hope is like loosing immunity..
star need darknees to shine so don't lose your hope and become star
I personally think 100% people around the world they “HOPE” whatever their thought become “TRUE” but actually my estimation is instead of “HOPE” person have to face reality and do lot-n-lot of efforts for there “HOPES” become “TRUE”… I think most of the people won’t agree…?
Well i found it quite logical !!!
darkness is bad time in your life so hope for the best and give u r best and fight for the best.and u will be shiny star
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I also believe in

Never Lose Hope...
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Ian Lo
don't lose hope when it gets dark! at least with the lights off, it doesn't matter how ugly she is!
Ian Lo
true story bro
I know...and I do the best I can every day.Im not use to being in this state of mind,cause what happened to me came without notice and it fucked with my mind real bad.but I cant change who I am because of what happened.As long as I know that IM GOOD.thats all that matters to me,and no one else:)
rough riding is the way to go. yeehaw!
yes exactly..its vry foolish 2 step back rather den trying again nd again
Amen!!on this one that's for sure.Always,Lori H-Smith 5th.May 2012
Nice to known ! Thanks
it is fact, but brain does not remember when it gets dark
1.cover your mouth with your hand
2. Whisper a wish in your hand this on three other comments
4.look at your hand
nice words.... but is it true.....
Very Inspiring and very very True!!
The stars will come out but will not last and it will be dark again.
“HOPE” is as same as wishes and without efforts every person loses there “HOPES”…
“HOPES” is an “IMAGINARY” thing, which every person thinks that they will get there “WILL” soon, but unfortunately people never shown any kind of efforts which they have to, and accordingly they had lost everything which they “HOPE” deeply.
So that actually everybody has to work hard to get something of their HOPES” otherwise they won’t succeed on there “REAL FUTURE”…
Hope is when i put my finger cross ;p :D :) . . .
unless its a dark cloudy night
Say hope to all the religeons then. Thats all they can put in what they believe in.
Untill there was and still is scientific facts about how we came about. Like it or not, it's more proof than bible that has millions of diffrent stories after the first three.
Here we go again another set up unfunny pictures and no videos. +Funny Pictures & Videos I'll ask my psychiatrist to send you some free samples of zoloft it did wonders for me.
Wow what a 9ice post, wnt need nt to loose hope whn d sun an d star re stil shinin wrk hard to achive ur hope.
every night you can see the twinkling starts, in between the satellites and debris that this nation and other countries have left to float around up there.
How true...some days are diamonds, some days are stones.
sometimes cloudy weather never go away! and U can not have a shiny sky ...
Mahboube, Looking at your picture, I see you having a shiny sky now. Big smile on face to go with it.
So very true, The world is held by hopes.
its true,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
The holy Quran says that there is easiness after every dificulty. So, one should never lose hope.
That still doesn't matter if the cthulhu awaken.
John Lawson, have you seen You'll love it!
If the way is too steep just get back.Manage with what u deserve.
must be always patient
Technically the stars are aways "out" we just can't see them due to lack of contrast
i dont want to be pessimistic but will stars do any good to the DARK night?
I cannot see the stars neither even I had hope. IT ONLY DRIVE ME DESPERATE
could be..or the sun is yet to come..!
really nice, I never noticed these are stars that help me to find my way in darkness.
siddharth says that its gives me my way of life
Jacob Wallace; and the sun is always shining even on cloudy days ;-) hmm guess it depends on what one chooses to see in their "reality". Positively!
Neha g
i do agree :)
Unless it's cloudy.
Trite nonsense. If you lose a loved one what star will bring them back?
All stars are beautiful and meaningful
that means don't lose stars, so ..
i have money so i dont call it expencive
How is that supposed to make me feel better? LOL
For someone with the name +Funny Pictures & Videos , you have yet to actually post something funny. Just change your name to "Daily Affirmations" and stop misleading everyone.
Unless it's a really cloudy night.
some times everything blacks out and only hope is the star we can rely on
Unfortunately not all dark places has stars.
right, but still, i want sunshine more than shiny stars in the dark
+DIOTEK Dio - you're right, but sometimes there is a lot of time to sunshine ;) Still true anyway ;)
Yes, When that happens, especially in your mind, it makes you feel so good
yeah tru but if you wanna realy see stars go to berlin beach
1.cover your mouth with your hand
2. Whisper a wish in your hand this on three other comments
4.look at your hand
if there is rainig then what can i do?
thats true we should alwayz hope even in time of distress
they just say it to make you feel better. Trust me, its nothing like that!

+1 this comment if u like dat song!!!
Too bad the light from those stars is millions of years old and the stars that produced that light are most likely dead now.
I like it. God always opens another window for people in need.
wat about when its cloudy? then where do the stars go
I hope so... if darkness was not due to desert storm :)
don't lose hope when it gets dark.. " just try to lit a candle it will show de way ".
hai its wonderful line yar.
I like the one that goes like the night is always followed by a sunrise.
i think you two who commted on this are stuped its a figure of spech i liked it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Means alot good quotes are hard to find :)
How Very true,a great quote!! Always,Lori H-Smith 5th.May 2012
I like the dark... and i love the stars. it's a win-win!
Keith B
Can't stop laughin
dont forget light pollution
why is it green and yellow!!??? lol!
JoPa Mi
So when are you going to start posting funny things?
Even in the present dark,how do we recognise the stars.-hope is failing,the stars seems not to be shinning.
The night is darkest before the dawn.
WRONG. Maximum darkness occurs at approximately 2:00 AM.

Sorry I just had to do that...
Max Z.
+Telon Yan You are right. It could be his signature phrase. Love this picture!
Stars shall shine, there shall be a new dawn
But Day is equally beautiful as the Nights....
never thought of it this way!!
yeah... that's why Luke destroyed Death Star at A New Hope...
this post reminds me of "Give Me A Sign" by BREAKING BENJAMIN.
Not if you are far, FAR away in space.
And, FYI, +Meera Parikh , i typed the last comment. Never been that lucky.
hoping is the best way of leading life
I'm 500th one to comment!!! yeh!!! <3
Thats true and im the 500th comment
However, it's still too dark to see so you stumble, fall, and break both your legs.
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