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David McCarthy
Writer and websites now ... used to be IT & business management
Writer and websites now ... used to be IT & business management

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Dear Google ... this one's for you ...

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We only wear white hats!
Black Hat SEO  Do you know what's hidden in your website?

We've uncovered some dodgy dealings by unethical website developers in the past.  This week we've come across another website that has hidden links to some very dodgy sites ...

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For some time if you were logged in to Google, your searches have been encrypted. Google have said this will now be rolled out to all searches.

There are winners and losers - guess which one Google is.

Read my blog to see if you're a winner or loser:

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So, what new ... apart from me actually posting something?
A new blog on the WEB-right website (which is all new, if you didn't know). The blog is "When's the best time for a digital makeover?"

Working on the revised WEB-right website - it's surprising how long these things take when clients' work takes precedence!
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