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StudioLine Photo Basic
Image editing and archiving made easy.
Image editing and archiving made easy.

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StudioLine Photo Basic 4 is available!
With StudioLine Photo Basic 4 you get a software package that includes many functions of StudioLine Photo Classic 4, including dual-monitor support and automatic updates. StudioLine Photo Basic is the free entry software for private use!

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We released version 3.70.53:
* Fixed: Issues with updating and compressing the database in a network environment.
* Improved handling of concurrent use situations in a network environment.
* Fixed: Unable to select top most images from list in Geo Explorer.
To download or update StudioLine simply visit:

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We released version 3.70.51:

* Optimization of stored exif information to reduce size of the database file.
* Optimized loading and saving of larger images with ICC profiles applied.

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We improved our search algorithm to yield better results, especially when looking for number/letter combinations (like "512 S"). Also - the search results will show best matches on top.

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We released version 3.70.48:
 * Videos in mp4 and m2ts format can now be loaded into the StudioLine Archive.
For more info visit:

We released version 3.70.47:

* Improved error handling on network errors while importing images to the Image Archive.
* Fixed: Geo Explorer stopped working when MediaCenter window was open.

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We released version 3.70.46:

* Fixed: Possible crash in text filter, if a long text in a small font size has to be displayed.
* Fixed: Crash on exiting StudioLine while the “Crop” window of the print function was open.
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