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Maxwell's Equations explained using a Gothic (angel/demon) theme....

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A very good introduction to the concepts of making plastic parts.

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Technology helping people...

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An odd, but informative video showing why ALL countries have a mixed socialist/capitalist economic system.

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Awesome movie. Visual effect are outstanding in that they enhance the film without distracting from it. The acting feels natural. The music is subtle and sets the mood. Finally, the story is 1st class.

Synopsis: An employee of a major computer firm wins a corporate retreat with the genius programmer who started the company, only to find out he has been selected to be part of an experiment to see if a new AI is self aware. When you're not even sure about yourself, how do you tell what a machine is thinking?

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I got green balls!!!! (and I have pictures to prove it...)

Yep. That's right. My first tomatoes are starting to grow. Such a beautiful site.

Let's see how long it takes to get a return on ~$50  investment for my raised bed garden.

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The laser cutter making parts for the latest revision of the 3D BioPrinter.
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Hanging out at the PCC Sylvania MakerSpace with +Michelle Guckenheimer  and +Eric Thomas .

Got another step closer to the final 3D BioPrinter. I used the laser cutter to cut 95% of the parts out of acrylic, and I 3D printed a couple of anchors to screw the stepper motor down.

I assembled the Y-stage. Need to add the motor to the X-stage and hang the cell extruder over top and it will be working!

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Here is an animated version of the 3D BioPrinter's X and Y stage.
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