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Hey, here's a thought: Stop dating sociopaths.

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I realize no one will, but some enterprising reporter should track down all these fear mongers after Obama's left office (and none of their shrieking proclamations have come true) and ask then what the fuck they were thinking.

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I'm going to assume if someone NOT wearing a badge did this, they would be (rightly) in jail. Let's see if the CHP takes this seriously or if they find a way to sweep it under the rug.

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There is much to like in this righteous rant, but this tops the list:

(My personal favorite is that a combination of a secret cabal of power-mad journalists are working with the world-threatening feminist agenda in order to remove the purity of video games, because Obama and Jews. That’s a good look, people. Very convincing. I’m surprised you couldn’t work chemtrails in there somehow.)

With police in a little UK town painting over an anti-racism Banksy because they think it's racist, we're at the point where accusing someone of being racist is now considered racist. Great, that should make things much better.

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More shameful than this hustler Ritchie  not being charged in this man's death is that the only media that seems to be following up on this angle is the Guardian. Shame on you, US media:

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Get 'em:

I cannot wait until the next Republican president finds out he can't wear a tan suit, or use a teleprompter, or play golf, or take a vacation, or salute with anything in his hand, or put his feet up on the desk, or go out in public without a tie. It's just such a shame that our current president is the only to ever do these things.

To the surprise of exactly no one, Ohio will not charge the two officers who killed a black man in a WalMart who was holding an unloaded pellet gun (and not pointing it at anyone). Somehow, I believe the fedora-wearing, Open Carry chuckleheads would not be shot in the same situation.

Also, and this is key: No one is talking about charging the "former Marine" (that turned out to be not true) who called the police from WalMart saying the man was pointing his gun at people (which was not true).

This is important for this reason. This is the salient part from AP's story about the county not charging the officers:

"Prosecutor Stacey DeGraffenreid, who assisted Piepmeier, said Crawford was shot twice, once in the elbow and one in the side slightly from the front to the back. DeGraffenreid says no other shots were fired after Crawford went down, dropping the rifle. 
“This was a real tragedy,” DeGraffenreid said in a telephone interview. But she said that based on what the officers had been told when they entered the Wal-Mart, they were doing what they were trained to do. "


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OK, so no one actually working for the company sent the email, giving them total cover for the horribleness. They can say "mistakes were made, we're sorry" and move on. I want some enterprising reporter to track down the ACTUAL person who did this and ask "what the hell?"

It's like the UO blood-splattered Kent State shirt. Someone thought that was a good idea. Who? Why? What the fuck is wrong with people?
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