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Adriel Hong
I'm an ordinary person serving an extraordinary God!
I'm an ordinary person serving an extraordinary God!

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Happy Mother's Day!! I asked my daughter to record our practice of this song this morning. I knew I probably wouldn't get a recording of it during service and I wanted to at least share our rougher version with you all. While I wrote this with Mother's Day in mind, my heart was that the message would be inclusive. I hope this ministers to all of you as each of you continue serving the Lord and relying on Him for strength and grace for each moment of every day. (Lyrics below) God bless you all! =) ~Adriel

"God Is Enough For You"
Words & music by Adriel Hong

1. Sometimes your sky is clear and blue
But it turns gray in the middle of the day
No matter what life throws at you
God is enough

2. So many counting on you and watching
Every step you take, every choice you make
When you find that you are failing
God is enough

God is your refuge, hiding you in the shadow of His wings
He is your treasure, He's the One you're living for
So whatever you do, however you serve
Remember that it's all for the Lord
God is enough for you

3. You fight battles and put out fires
Teach and impart, chase after hearts
At the end of the day when you're tired
God is enough

4. Encouraging those who are fainthearted
Pouring out every day, every hour
And when you miss the target
God is enough

You give and give with every breath
But don't forget to come and rest
At the feet of the One who gives you strength
For each and every single day
For every moment along the way
You were never meant to do this alone

© 2017 Adriel Hong Music

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How is it that a song can sum up nearly everything?

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Keeping it Real Monday Hello to all of you! I have been absent many months from most of social media. Life has been moving at such a fast pace and there have been some changes in my life as well, but I am back in the saddle of sharing my story through blogging and music! I have many new contacts on here to catch up with, so bear with me as I go through each new add. I'm so excited to be back and hope you're all doing well! Many blessings! ~Adriel =)

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Happy Music Friday!!! I'm little behind on things this month, but put together a new list of worship songs for February ... and I couldn't resist having "love" as the theme. May your hearts continue falling more and more in love with Jesus! In Christ's love ~Adriel =) 😊 💗💗💗💗💗

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Keeping It Real Monday I hope your new year is off to a good start! Today, I'm sharing my word for 2016. God bless you all! ~Adriel =) 😊

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Happy New Year!!! Here's this month's praise and worship favorites ... this month I kept the focus on "new", "shining/light", and "following". I hope that these songs inspire you to give God your very best each and every day of 2016! Blessings on your new year! ~Adriel =) 😊

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"Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us." Matt. 1:23

Wishing you all a blessed season of joy and peace, celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! It is incredible to think about our Creator God and King of Kings coming to this earth in the form of a fragile infant. It is truly humbling when you really think about what Jesus Christ gave up so that we could be free and alive in Him.

A huge thank you to my brother, +Daniel Tekunoff, for his time in playing the guitar and cajon for this song and tips on mixing the audio!!!!

Love and blessings through Christ our Lord to all of you and your families! ~Adriel =) 

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Happy Music Friday!!! Here's the Christmas edition of this month's praise and worship favorites! Enjoy! =)

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Happy Music Friday!!! Happy Thanksgiving! I've had this video uploaded for awhile (and have kept it private) ... it's not one of my favorites and I just haven't had the heart to share it. But it seemed appropriate for this week and I figured, why not. I hope you've all been enjoying this special time of the year with your families! Regardless of the time of the year, season of life, or what we are facing, we have a reason to be thankful each and every day and that reason is JESUS! Blessings to you, my friends! ~Adriel =)

"I Am Thankful"

1. I am thankful for You, Jesus
I am so undeserving
Of Your kindness and Your love
Of Your grace and Your faithfulness to me
The God of heaven looks down on me with love

I am thankful for Your, Lord
I am thankful for You, for You
I am thankful for You, Lord
I am thankful for You, for You, Lord
For You, Lord

2. Overwhelmed with gratefulness
I don't need riches to be
Thankful, I don't need more
I have all I need in You, Lord
The God of heaven looks down on me with love

© 2015 Adriel Hong Music

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Here's this month's praise and worship favorites on Spotify. Blessings on your week!! =)
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