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Donogh McCarthy
Keeper of the Nine Dread Names
Keeper of the Nine Dread Names

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Dusk starts to throw her weight around, with some push-back from Fox. Wire's on back-up duty all-round, but if Kim were there she wouldn't be impressed with the shenanigans putting her cushy number at risk! (Her experiments are going fine by the way, nothing horrible going to come of any of that...)

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A unique session in our campaign - pretty much all downtime and entanglements after a long-running score the previous session.
Really hitting roleplaying vices and long-term projects hard.

(also, getting Fiends meant that they bumped back up the tier that they lost by going to war the previous session, but that was kind of cool too, and totally fitting their reputation and actions!)

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Wayne gets his pack together, how will he handle them?
Aster assembles his coalition of mortals to defend against their monstrous classmates!
Chloe trying not to be too monstrous (like that can last!)
Victor's relationship with his lover deepens, but what is he really seeking?

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Diplomacy, weird experimentation, tattooing & hooking up. All in a day's work for the Skinner/Savvyhead duo!

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Loads of development and drama! Burgeoning (complicated) romance between Wayne the Werewolf and witch. touching scene between Chloe the Vampire and her mom. Victor the Minotaur's troublesome past comes up, but is he still that monster? Aster the Chosen's showdown doesn't go as planned!

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The uneasy coalition falls apart. Political manoeuvring in the aftermath of the fight against the circus. (I definitely did not say 'future badness' out loud, honest!).

Hey Gauntleteers!
What're your favourite RPGs that you've never played? Games that I've enjoyed reading and have daydreamed about how they would play. Games that have really interesting mechanics or evocative settings...

For me, this list includes:
1. Best Friends: a roleplaying game about girlfriends and all their petty hatreds [2006]
2. Underground: super powered veterans return home to find the dream is dead [1993]
3. Cold City: In the divided city of Berlin, the Reserve Police Agency hunts down monsters left over from sinister experiments and twisted technology [2007]

My gaming mission this year is to get one (1) of these to the gaming table (actual or virtual). 

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A war erupts with a powerful and fearsome enemy. Devious plans and brutal allies are on the Orphans side, but will it be enough? Have they bitten off more than they can chew?

TLDR: Shit is talked. Crits are rolled!

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Opening session of our 2nd Season. A new school, a new werewolf PC and new challenges. Are the characters more mature, or will that fade as the pressure mounts?

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Back to a full roster, with a curious mix of interpersonal drama and road war
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