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Some of the greatest working voice artists reading Star Wars (varying voices for every scene). Awesome! Paul Lynde in the Cantina is my favorite.

Time saving tip: If you are critical to a meeting, show up late. This doesn't really save you time, but it slows everyone else down and, relatively speaking, that's just as good.

Time saving tip: Don't make an extra trip to take something upstairs, just leave it at the bottom of the stairs. Eventually, someone's bound to take it up...

Time saving tip: Schedule meetings just before lunch. Be sure and bring a tasty snack for yourself and eat in front of everyone else.

Time saving tip: Save your bowel movements until you're at the office.

(Okay, this doesn't actually save time, but now your being paid to do it...)

Time saving tip: At the microwave, "9-0-START" is 1 less button than "1-3-0-START."

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