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Holy crap, this looks awesome.
wi-GO: Autonomous Shopping Cart Follows You
for folks with reduced mobility

I like this idea
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Gregory Lynn

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Rumor has it, Jon Lester is a stud.

Just sayin'.
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Interesting things happening in Chicago.
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2 comments's all my fault.
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Sometimes a facepalm isn't enough.
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Have him in circles
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A funny thing happened on the way to Orphan Black.

I thought they were running a marathon of Season 1 leading up to the premiere for Season 2 so I went there and took a gander.

Turns out they weren't, but it appears that I get a channel called Pivot which was showing something Called Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

So, well, yeah...

The first episode was Homecoming, which you will either remember as the one with Slayerfest, or the one where Willow wears the black dress. Oh, and there may be some inappropriate kissing going on.

And the second one was Band Candy.

And, you know, I cannot pass up Band Candy.
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Still my favourite :)
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Gregory Lynn

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So my wife takes pain pills for pain. The delightful laws we have regarding controlled substances like pain pills require that we drive up to the doctor's office to pick up the prescription.

Normally, she has enough extra pills to make it non crucial that we get the prescription on precisely the earliest possible date. Sometimes, though, it's a bad month. This was a bad month.

The phone message at the doctor's office says they close at 1:30. We get to the office at about 1:22 and they're gone because they really close at 1.

You may note that this is Friday. The doctor is not there until Monday.

She has three pills.

The prescription is for four a day and she has three pills to last until Monday.

If they could call in a prescription, just like every other @#$%@$ drug she takes, it would be no problem.

If they could mail the prescription, it would be no problem.

But they can't because this country cares more about being seen to be hard on drugs than it does about actually helping people.

In almost all ways, American drug policies are backwards.
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Seriously, my wife is in pain and some shithead thinks it's time for spam.
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Gregory Lynn

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Yeah, this.
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If you're a writer,  you might find this interesting.

The fine folks at the Self Publishing Podcast are doing a kickstarter thing (which in itself you might find interesting) but that's not the thing that I think is interesting here.

No, it's this Thunderclap thing that they are using to try to drum up some support for their kickstarter thing.

Imagine for a moment that you had a book launch and you wanted all of the people who liked your stuff to tweet about the new book on launch day. You'd ask, they'd say yes, and some of them would actually follow through.

But not all.

Enter Thunderclap.

Thunderclap takes care of the follow through. You ask. The fans say yes. And when the day comes, Thunderclap sends the message for you.

I've never heard of it before. I have no idea if it actually works. I'm a tiny bit concerned that you're giving someone else permission to send tweets (or Facebook or Tumblr posts) in your name.

But it intrigues me so I signed up to participate and will be paying a little bit of attention to how the whole thing works.
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Interesting.  Will look forward to hearing how it goes.
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+Kameron Hurley has a habit of writing phenomenal blog posts. She's one of those folks who don't blog just for the sake of blogging or building up a platform or any of that stuff.

She writes when she has something to say and, if you want to live a deliberate life, where you anticipate the consequences of your actions, and where you think of all the secondary and tertiary characters in your life as actual people, I think you would be well served by reading what she has to say.
Spoilers ahoy! When I was sixteen, I dated a guy a with a madonna/whore complex. I had no idea what that was, at the time, being a young woman from a rural town where belittling women as sluts and whores was pretty typical. You were either “the type of…
Spoilers ahoy! When I was sixteen, I dated a guy a with a madonna/whore complex. I had no idea what that was, at the time, being a young woman from a rural town where belittling women as sluts and ...
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I have been holding minority opinions and reading fantasy stories ever since.
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