Think video games make you smarter? Not so fast...

This month's Scientific American Mind features a story that uncritically promotes the benefits of action videogame training for cognition and perception. It omits all discussion of failures to replicate and mentions none of the methodological and under-reporting problems that plague that literature. In the linked blog post, I highlight some of those problems.

Contrary to the extensive hyping by brain training companies, strong causal claims in journal articles, public claims by researchers, and favorable media publicity, it is unclear whether the cumulative evidence supports any claim that game training improves perception and cognition. Before hyping games as a cure for cognitive ills and attention problems, perhaps we should apply more rigorous methodological and reporting standards and make sure the effects replicate reliably. 
Note that this post is not about videogames and aggression/violence, although some of the same problems plague that literature.

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