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Josh Hill
B2B Marketing Automation and Demand Generation Expert
B2B Marketing Automation and Demand Generation Expert

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Good tips.
Before building a Marketo report, plan ahead and define the problem you are trying to solve. 

For more tips of building better Marketo reports, check out our latest blog post:

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Always a good idea to plan your #marketingautomation  project.
It's Challenging to Run Marketing Automation!
Learn how to maximize your time with project management techniques and processes. #marketo #marketingautomation

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Great way to save time - automate RSS-to-Email in Marketo.

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Goes nicely with +Marketing Rockstar's Guide to Marketo RFP process too.
How to consider marketing technology purchases
Don't buy the monorail! Perkuto's @its_scigaj discusses how a new budget can lead to vendor blinding, getting sold, and getting stuck. Stay calm and make good decisions for your business.

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This is a must-have for sales teams
“Agile, Real-Time Customer Service” is my new free ebook with no registration required. Download now.

The ways customers interact with the companies they do business with is being radically redefined like never before so today anyone working in customer service (and those who manage them) must possess entirely new skills. With Agile, Real-Time Customer Service, you will learn how to use the new rules of engagement to grow your business.

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Latest post - expect a few more this month!
The #marketingautomation   consultancy roundup! In the next few weeks I interview several independent and smaller agencies about how they started out with tools like +Marketo take a look at who's up.

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Here's a great interview :)

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Hey folks, I'm working on something new for the blog. If you know of quality #marketingautomation   or #demandgen  agencies, let me know.

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Here's my take on +Marketo Engagement Programs: it's awesome. The big question is how do you use it? It's pretty simple, but you do have to learn the lingo and understand how to take advantage of key features. Essentially, this is an automated version of the Traffic Cop, so if you review that documentation, you'll understand Stream Switching better.
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