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Butto il Mac 

Terminology: More Than A Terminal Emulator (Ubuntu Installation Instructions):

Terminology is a relatively new terminal emulator written for the Enlightenment desktop, but it can be used in other desktop environments. The application comes with many cool features, some of which do not exist in any other terminal emulator.

Besides features that are already available in other terminal emulators such as split views support, Terminology can do a lot of things you wouldn't expect from a terminal emulator, like displaying thumbnails for images, videos and documents and further more, it also allows you to preview those files directly from Terminology.

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Meanwhile in Finland... :)

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I found this guy in an Oracle website. That's a good example the kind of people who use Oracle :D

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Looks weird but it's pretty damn fast!
Exciting day for high speed sailing.  Tiny Vestas Sailrocket hits over 71 MPH peak speed and looks to have smashed the record for the fastest sailboat in the 500 meter.  Kiteboarders still faster but perhaps not for long!

Eclipse debugger stepping inside Google Protobuffer generated code -> CPU: 90°C ... check facebook... restart IDE. 

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I share the concern for tablets cutting off interactivity. I wish he's right about the surface touch+keyboard model. Can't wait to try that out.. Or maybe I'll go for iPad 4 + surface-like keyboard cover? :)

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Exploring business model of successful internet businesses :)
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