LENR in a Rossi E-Cat Decade

BlackRock Investment Institute and LENR

BlackRock is among the largest asset management companies in the world. For a number of years they have been closely following developments in LENR energy. This BlackRock 2012 oil play analysis/energy white paper takes LENR into consideration.

"U.S. Shale Boom A Case of Temporary Indigestion" June 2012

First Words and LENR Summary

First words...
A glut of cheap US gas from shale rock has taken the world by surprise, and caused even seasoned energy analysts to completely redo their forecasts. The global ramifications are huge.

If—and this is a big if—the newfound energy can find its way to market, the US could become an energy exporter by 2030. This publication discusses the boom's impact on energy prices, producers and services.

The picture is not simple and things rarely happen in a straight line. This is true for energy as much as anything else.

LENR summary...
Quote pg 11

We are closely following start-ups experimenting with new technologies such as low-energy nuclear reaction and fusion. If successful, these efforts could completely change the current status quo and hurt traditional energy producers. It is worth watching this space. People tend to overestimate what can be done in a year, but underestimate what can happen in a decade.
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