Cold Fusion/LENR and all that JAZZ - Tiny Bubbles

Cavitation heats up… Rossi Et. al.

Et al. is defined as an abbreviation for the Latin phrase et alia which means "and others."

It's interesting that a leader in cavitation technologies was present at one of the first E-Cat tests; invited guests attended several demonstrations in Bologna, 2011.

gbgoblenote one of the first tests, Rossi mentioned radio frequency generators.

On 11/12/11 I noted this,

In the comments

A bit of research and I come across this item. Rossi is associated with these folks who are experts in the cavitation phenomenon. The CEO was present at the Bologna 1MW test. I'm talking about Andrea Rampado of Biokavitus (Bio Cavitation) in Italy.

Different frequencies of sound may cause cavitation and focus heat within the nickel and hydrogen lattice, specific frequencies oscillating through a harmonic may create standing waves weakening the lines of resistance between subatomic particles. Is sound the catalyst in the Rossi E Cat reaction chamber? gbgoblenote- 2011
see Sonofusion

'Are the radio frequencies creating a micro-cavitation within the nickel hydrogen lattice? This is the first I have found where Rossi mentions (multiple) radio frequency generation as part of the reaction process.' gbgoblenote 11-12-11

Rossi, "In the self sustained mode, a one megawatt plant can operate at full power, while consuming a miniscule amount of electricity to operate fans, pumps and radio frequency generators."

Recent… from comments at:

Rossi v. IH: Some New Exhibits Published
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Replicators can find piezoelectric alumina here:
But I remember to you all, that I am not a scientist, all the things I wrote come from the studies of Andrea Rampado on cavitation, and Prof. Fabio Cardone on LENR with ultrasound. end quote

"Quantum Cavitation"
Paola Zizzi, Eliano Pessa and Fabio Cardone
Biokavitus Research Laboratory, Concesio (BS), Italy and University of Pavia,

We consider the theoretical setting of a superfluid like He in a rotating container, which is set between the two layers of a type-II superconductor. We describe the superfluid vortices as a 2- dimensional Ising-like model on a triangular lattice in presence of local magnetic fields. The interaction term of the superfluid vortices with the Abrikosov vortices of the superconductor appears then as a symmetry breaking term in the free energy. Such a term gives a higher probability of quantum tunnelling across the potential barrier for bubbles nucleation, thus favouring quantum cavitation. Keywords: Cavitation, superfluids, superconductors, quantum vortices, Ising model.

"Experimental and Phenomenological Comparison Between Piezonuclear Reactions and Condensed Matter Nuclear Science Phenomenology"
Fabio Cardone, Roberto Mignani, Andrea Petrucci, Istituto per lo Studio dei Materiali Nanostrutturati (ISMN CNR) Via dei Taurini - 00185 Roma, Italy

The purpose of this paper is to place side by side the experimental results of Piezo-nuclear reactions, which have been recently unveiled, and those collected during the last twenty years of experiments on low energy nuclear reactions (LENR). We will briefly report the results of our campaign of piezonuclear reactions experiments where ultrasounds and cavitation were applied to solutions of stable elements. These outcomes will be shown to be compatible with the results and evidences obtained from low energy nuclear reaction experiments. Some theoretical concepts and ideas, on which our experiments are grounded, will be sketched and it will be shown that, in order to trigger our measured effects, it exists an energy threshold, that has to be overcome, and a maximum interval of time for this energy to be released to the nuclear system. Eventually, a research hypothesis will be put forward about the chance to raise the level of analogy from the mere comparison of results up to the phenomenological level. Here, among the various evidences collected in LENR experiments, we will search for hints about the overcome of the energy threshold and about the mechanism that releases the loaded energy in a suitable interval of time.

Model of ferromagnet - collection of magnetic moments associated with the spins of atoms.

“Not so far in the distant future, the next generation… will look back at our generation and know that the term ‘energy shortage’ was a term for unenlightened minds” gbgoble-2009
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