Echo! Echo… echo.. echo, echo LENR ECCO IH and Rossi

'Making Fuel for Ultrasonic Plasma Discharge in ECCO Reactor and Fuelling the Cores' Published on Mar 18, 2017 Discussion of production of ECCO fuel, the form of the reactor core and how it is placed in the core.


LENR Thermal - Replication confirms and secures the Hot Cat/Rossi prevails

ECCO joins the ranks of high temperature/COP replication following the Rossi Lugano test/disclosure

LENR Electric - Quark seeks replication soon while IH fumes

The petrol dollar faces an economic evolution… the world an energetic renaissance. This article comes to mind… insight to heart… music to soul…

Much love… enjoy!

'Cold Fusion, Space Travel, International Financial Clearing & Wild Strawberries'
by Elaine Diane Taylor - singersongwriter | gold | social commentary

"I witnessed a coup d’etat done by deception. Orwell predicted we would be watched and ruled, but Huxley may have had it right that there is more power in making those ruled believe they want something that in fact harms them, to follow an internal police, to be so distracted and afraid of a story that they miss the whispers. Or miss the clause that says they can leave…"

"Mainstream media yells its messages to conform to a code of conduct around the clock, making it hard to decode back-room banker passes or science passes or technology passes. Facts are covered by loud stories… "

"A golden age is coming with new technology. I cover these topics in music and in this blog. LENR and torsion and stem cells and harnessing the sun and space travel. The ones with the power are jostling for their place before new technology is released to the masses and we see who wins. It’s the game of Coins and Crowns. Trade deals and financial clearing systems. Lots of yelling and lots of whispering. The corporation is the new nation. So much deception to try to win power…"

"A lot of bumping is going on and a lot more bumping is to come…"
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