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iOS app design and development. We make cool stuff.
iOS app design and development. We make cool stuff.

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DE 250 is now "Leben in DE". We just submitted it to Apple for approval. This version has the 300 national questions and several iOS 7 fixes. We hope to have a complete version out soon, where you can select the Bundesland specific test. Since those are only 10 additional questions, we didn't want to keep people waiting for the new national questions.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to rate and/or review DE 250. It means a great deal to us, and believe it or not, those ratings really help people find the app.

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DE 250 is now available for downloading from the Apple App Store.

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Version 1.0 is now submitted to Apple and pending approval for listing in the App Store. Right now it takes around a week to make it through the review process.

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