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We are Unique Feng Shui

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The most common use of Chinese coins in #FengShui is to attract #money! These coins have a square space in the middle, accompanied by four #Chinese characters that surround it. When used in conjunction with the ancient mystic knot, the coin completes a cycle of endless #wealth and #GoodLuck.

So you can use these to attract and protect your wealth as well as increase luck in every other aspect. They're very auspicious!

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"The universe is mystical, mysterious and miraculous. There are a lot of things that we have discovered about it and there a lot that are beyond our understanding. Among the things that we do know, there are some that can’t be termed as anything less than miracles.
The #CrystalHealing  power is one of those things."

#HealingPower is not magical. As a matter of fact, it is based on a proven scientific theory. According to the theory, everything in this universe, including the #universe itself, vibrates at various rates and frequencies. These vibrations occur at the molecular level and it is the frequency that particularly differentiates one object from another.

Learn about the powers of Healing Crystals and how you can use them to solve common issues in your everyday #life. Check our list!

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Typically made from rich, natural materials and crafted to please the eye, Feng Shui #WaterFountains are a beautiful addition to any home; they are also very auspicious object when used correctly.

Water fountains bring the energy of water into the home and add a natural flow to an otherwise stagnant environment.
They bring prosperity and abundance to the home as well as #peace, comfort and #harmony, but only if used properly.
Take a look at how to use water fountains in #FengShui for the maximum benefit below!

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What is Feng Shui? What is it for?

#FengShui helps you make the best use of available space using #universal principles and the laws of nature. The main aim of this exercise is to promote a healthy lifestyle and invoke feelings of positivity. Feng shui’s principles are based on natural #elements and when they are applied, a nurturing environment is created which is beneficial for everyone. Furthermore, it also encourages the idea of inducing positivity in our lives by embracing #change.

Along with positive changes in the environment, really make a change by using Feng Shui symbols to really shift that energy and bring you good fortune, wealth, or good luck!

Posting new updates for the home every week and bringing you the best and easiest solutions for everyday issues. #UniqueFengShui

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The Rose Quartz stone is very powerful and can bring you many benefits
#fengshui   #rosequartz  

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Feng Shui masters are always updating their designs to bring effectiveness and better energy to your home.
Here at Unique Feng Shui we love to keep updating cures for your home to look interesting, beautiful and energetic.
Take a look at the latest 10 NEW and Powerful allies for this Spring 2016   #FengShui   #symbols  

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Sometimes we start experiencing small but significant accidents at home and we don't know where they are coming from. Maybe you bump your head several times, or small accidents happen around your car.
This can be due to negative energy blocking certain points in your home.

Find out what arrangements you have to make to stop these persistent accidents.
#fengshui   #negative   #energy  

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Do you know how to care for your Lucky Bamboo plant?
Keep the leaves from turning yellow with this helpful tips!

Remember: Bamboo plants are great Feng Shui cures because they represent growth and luck in all aspects.
#fengshui   #bambooplant   #bamboocare  

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Knowing your Kua number is a huge advantage since you'll know in which direction you will be most lucky!
Especially for important meetings, job interviews, bed position and more.
Find your Kua number and your most lucky and commanding positions below.
#fengshui   #kuanumber  

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New Lotus water fountain to enhance the Chi in your health area, living room and entrance. With wonderful colors that create effects during the night-time :) Find it here: #FengShui  #WaterFountain
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