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If you want to improve your #marketing  campaigns, you need to have a good understanding of who your target audience is. And the best tool to help you with this is #Facebook  Audience Insights.

Unfortunately Facebook does not provide a clear explanation of the demographic segments reported in Audience Insights; so after doing some research, I have written this article providing details of what are the factors defining EACH of the 39 Demographic Segments included in the reports.

I'm sure analyzing your campaigns will be much easier now!

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Micro-video platforms like #Vine  or #Instagram  can be a powerful way to expand your brand awareness while generating also some extra revenue.

After analyzing some of the most popular accounts in micro-video platforms, I've noticed some common tactics applied by all. Here I'm sharing with you the TOP 6.

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Are you one of those businesses using YouTube only to store your videos and then share them on other #socialmedia  platforms or your website?

Don't worry, we've all been there. That's why you'll find this article really helpful, as it provides 4 alternative ways to use #YouTube  to get brand exposure, drive traffic and generate user engagement.

How many of these options have you used?


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It’s not news that #FacebookVideo is on the rise, and day after day more Pages are getting on board the video train. However, most are simply sticking to using the basic functions.

What many people don’t realize is that there are some amazing extra features available on Facebook video. Using these features could boost your engagement as well as help you differentiating your company from the competition.

This articles provides a list of 6 amazing - but unused features for #Facebook  video.

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The popularity of #FacebookVideos  is increasing, as it becomes obvious they provide higher reach and engagement.

However, there are many other benefits that are also helping in the rise of #Facebook videos. Knowing - and using - all of them gives Page owners an advantage position when promoting their business.

This article explains the best of them.

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Quite probably, every time you publish a new post on #Facebook  you are curious to know how many users it will #Reach , am I right?

Well, since Reach depends on  #Engagement , it is actually possible to get general idea of how (and if) users will interact with your content - and thus forecast your Reach.

All what you need is using some behavioral marketing techniques and the help of some native FREE Facebook Tools.

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Following the quick rise of #Meerkat  and #Periscope   - both offering similar features as well as others that are exclusive to each platform - there's not wonder why many users are still confused about which app is best for their needs.

For this reason, I have written this guest article for +razorsocial. Hope it helps you understanding the key differences of these two #LiveStreaming  apps.

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Live streaming with #Meerkat  and #Periscope  can be a great addition to any  online strategy with the aim of engaging more users. Not only allows to share in real time exclusive content, but also broadcasters can engage with their audiences in a two-way conversation, which is key to #SocialMedia  success.

If you want to give it a go, here are some tips for increasing engagement using live streaming from mobile.

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Increasing your conversions on #Facebook could be a frustrating activity if you don't get the expected results. Users are human, and as such could be unpredictable sometimes, ignoring completely the content that worked for them in the past.

However, some primordial #behaviors are common to all individuals; and using them could help you improve your results drastically. In this article, I have described 6 that are quite easy to implement.

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RANT ALERT: It's been a great week at ‪#SMMW15‬. The team from +Social Media Examiner did such an excellent job, that I have already bought my ticket for next year.

And still, I found a few people complaining about this and that, most of the times using fluffy excuses and contradicting themselves.

So following +Jay Baer's advice, I've decided to 'Hug the Haters' and give them 10 solid reasons NOT to go to Social Media Marketing World.
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