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Dimitris Spanos
The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

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Even if other makers of diesel vehicles have not resorted to the same level of deception as VW, the scandal could mean that these cars struggle to meet standards applied rigorously to both types of emission. If VW’s behaviour hastens diesel’s death, it may lead at last, after so many false starts, to the beginning of the electric-car age.

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Good to know - NYTimes: Relax, the Terminator Is Far Away

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NYTimes: Study Finds Global Warming as Threat to 1 in 6 Species

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Definition of sucess on so many levels - #startups #uber is killing it...

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Watching the Groupon story all over again; 1) a cool idea 2)multiple lookalikes 3) localization (already) follows...

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A Team of Biohackers Has Figured Out How to "Inject Eyeballs With Night Vision".

"In "people becoming superhuman" news, a small independent research group has figured out how to give humans night vision, allowing them to see over 50 meters in the dark for a short time.

Science for the Masses, a group of biohackers based a couple hours north of Los Angeles in Tehachapi, California, theorized they could enhance healthy eyesight enough that it would induce night vision. To do this, the group used a kind of chlorophyll analog called Chlorin e6 (or Ce6), which is found in some deep-sea fish and is used as an occasional method to treat night blindness."

Rest of Story:

Photo courtesy of: Gabriel Licina

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NYTimes: Google and Johnson & Johnson Team for Robotic Surgery Projects

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On Pi Day, Celebrate Math's Enigmas

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Impressive Amphibious #Robot Guard Balls!!
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