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Simply the best proxy interface for chrome.
Simply the best proxy interface for chrome.

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Any Arabic speaking users willing to help with a translation?

Proxxy updated today with a new Russian translation. Thanks Alexandr!

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Did you know that proxxy is open source?
The code is at

That means you are free to make it better, or add translations to help your friends and neighbors!

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Work has begun on an update to allow proxying only of specific domain patterns.  Thanks to Ferk for the feature request!

You can follow update progress on the project page:

Thanks to tracode for improving the Proxxy Chinese translation!
The updated strings will be available in v1.3.4

Are there features you want to see added to Proxxy?

Some of the things I can imagine being useful:
* Ability to exclude specific sites from being proxied.
* Geo-fences - automatically configure proxy settings based on network environment.
* On-boarding experience - provide automatic interface for finding public open proxies, so that the extension "just works" for users who install it hoping to avoid traffic shaping.

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A small proxxy update should roll out over the next couple days.  The initial installation experience should be more intuitive - the first time you click the button it will open the options page if you have not yet configured your proxy settings.

I'm also excited to show off some initial work on visualizing usage.  On the options page there's a new bar chart that shows how much of the time you browse with a proxy.  I'm working on eventually turning this into a quick way to look at proxy stability, and understand how your chrome proxy settings are being changed.

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Investigating making the proxy status more obvious.

Green seems like a reasonable color to show a proxy is active.  Should the off state change to grey, or stay blue?

Thanks to +Mehmet Köse for the inspiration!

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Want to see Proxxy in your language?  It's super easy!

If you can provide translations for the messages used, I'll do the rest.

Let me know if you're interested in helping.
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