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Come join us in our new Slack channel @ !

Check out these highlights from the first ever #PolymerSummit in Amsterdam! 

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Check out the latest #Polycasts  episode with +Rob Dodson! 
Want to create amazing animations? Check out neon-animated-pages in the most recent episode of #Polycasts with +Rob Dodson.

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That’s a wrap! Thanks for a great first #PolymerSummit. For the session recordings, be sure to check out:

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Taking live questions from Twitter! Use #PolymerSummit to ask the panel your questions now

Eric Bidelman is live at the #PolymerSummit covering best practices, tips and tricks for building fast Polymer apps:

Learn about the future of Polymer by asking the eng-leads panel your questions at #PolymerSummit: 

Performance expert @paul_irish is deep diving into how to conduct a perf audit of your Polymer app on livestream now:

Polymer Starter kit, Polyup & Vulcanize are all part of @addyosmani’s talk on power tools that is on livestream now:

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It's time for a break. Join us back here in 30 minutes... #PolymerSummit
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