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congratzz +Muntasir Mashuq for the Google.

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ha ha ha!!!
How not to design a CAPTCHA

Unfortunately Sony missed the entire point of a CAPTCHA. Instead of using an obfuscated image which is difficult for computers to recognize the characters, they include the CAPTCHA's unobfuscated characters in HTML and use CSS and JavaScript to make the characters appear slightly distorted.

While taking a Digital Image and Video Processing class (EE 371R at, I picked up a summer hobby of writing CAPTCHA breakers. Most CAPTCHAs can be decoded with a combination of Gaussian edge detection and XOR difference analysis with known characters. However this one falls to a simple regex.

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পুরাই জিনিস একখান!!!
+Misha M.-Kupriyanov has just added "Translate" button to his Helper for Google+ Chrome Extension!

Grab it here:

With it, every post in your stream will have two new buttons: "Tweet" and "Translate".

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