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So are there any work arounds for the rather poorly implemented G+ locations? Specifically with the loss of Latitude is there any app that allows you to view your friends location on a desktop PC in anything larger than the strip given in their profile (after mousing over their location)? 

The single biggest thing you can do to change a believers perspective has very little to do with debating or arguments.  The single biggest thing you can do is not be what they expect you to be.  That is show them that atheists are not evil nasty baby eating machines.  Instead of trying to prove them wrong just show them who you are.  That you are a good and decent person who also is an atheist.  The cognitive dissonance that a good person who does not share their belief is far more damaging to their rigid world view than any argument they choose to ignore.

Just read David Blair's poem While I was gone from the pulpit. It's a love poem to Detroit and worth checking out on YouTube DETROIT LIVES! // Blair LIVES!
1st UU of Detroit.

Cogito ergo spud - I think therefore I yam.

I am so terribly sorry... that joke .... sigh... I had to.

Keep in mind that organizations that build themselves around positive ideals do much better than those that organize around negative. Organizing around atheism alone is pretty much just saying we aren't them. Doesn't say a lot about what we do stand for.

Hi there Robert here... aka Az_ in some forums. Found this through G+ recommendations. A bit about me... The short and dirty list: Agnostic Atheist, Humanist, Unitarian Universalism, Taoist, and some time Discordian. I am a materialist asserting that the mind arises from the activities within the brain and is not some disembodied entity along for the ride. Oh and self is an illusion. But as it is an illusion we cannot pierce we may as well enjoy it... er or at least think we enjoy it.

Hi there, Robert here aka Az_ in various communities. Atheist since birth and stayed that way. Long time presence on the intertubes in the atheist community in multiple fronts. One time angry destroyer atheist (ie all religions must be crushed) but have altered my views over time to realizing that the real enemy is not necessarily religion but rather dogma. What this has taught me is that you cannot utterly destroy a person's beliefs but if you can get them to think beyond their dogmatic creeds or doctrines you will have accomplished so much more than if you had destroyed them.

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UU congregations need to connect more. We cannot move forward if we don't break out of our tendency to hunker down within our own immediate communities. We need to interconnect with not only each other but we need to reach out to UUs that don't know they are (ie evangalize).
I am a member of the 1st UU of Detroit and we just recently climbed out of what could have been our own bottomless pit. Interestingly we did so by giving our church away. To good people to who share much of our world view and agreed to let us keep using our sanctuary.
In doing so it enabled us to shed much of our burdens. We now can focus on growth. Which brings me to my initial comments. I am thinking that rather than let the UUAs regional approach suffice we need to reach out to other UU churches in the more immediate area and cross pollinate with them. So I was wondering if anyone had any programs they were running in a similar vein that they could point me towards.
Also the notion of evangelizing keeps coming back to me. We are not going to grow if we keep hiding our little flame. What sort of outreach programs have people had luck with?
Oh yeah... And hi there... I am Robert Johnson of the 1st UU of Detroit.
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