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Jo Ann Heydron
Enjoying post-caregiving life! When I get up in the morning, I ask myself what work I would like to do that day. Then I do it. I keep distractions to a minimum.
Enjoying post-caregiving life! When I get up in the morning, I ask myself what work I would like to do that day. Then I do it. I keep distractions to a minimum.

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Talk to You Later
After noticing that I wrote the name of (deceased) Senator Daniel Inouye in my last blog instead of James Inhofe, a mistake I've corrected, I've decided to take a break from these occasional blogs. My heart has been in them, but my mind has been on the road...

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A comforting, though dumb, idea
Last Thursday, after the pope addressed the U.S. Congress, I wrote on my Facebook page, "Pope Francis is definitely not a shit head. May the rest of us rise above shit-headedness as well." What I meant was, maybe we can lower the walls a little, take a few ...

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Words of wisdom from a young woman I had the privilege of sharing an "initiation" with, although a different kind than the hard road she describes here. I admire her courage.

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Ireland, Part 2: Brighid and St. Brigid
"A river of tears is one of the strongest evidences of a 'crash and burn' initiation into the Scar Clan."-- Clarissa Pinkola Estes Priestess Glenys of the glacial river valleys of the Pacific Northwest greets you. That's my new name, by the way. It's Welsh ...

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The Cliffs of Moher
Southern end of the Cliffs of Moher I’m in Ireland now for ten days at a retreat house located
up the hill from the Cliffs of Moher. I’d describe the area to my West Coast friends as the
Mendocino beach stretched out, minus the fancy B&Bs and restaurants. T...

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Some Ways to Tell It Slant, Part 1
Our two teachers at Ty Newydd--Robert Minhinnick and Jay Griffiths--offered us welcome reminders about what makes good writing and new ways to think and write about a world suffering climate change. Minhinnick's New and Selected Poems  Minhinnick's and Grif...

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Telling It Not Slant
Climate change is not the only kind of disaster that could
bring our species to an end (as it already has many of our fellow species), but
its special genius is that it can generate other catastrophes—disease, war, starvation,
thirst, mass migration, fire. ...

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Slanted Landings
Many Brits greet you with the phrase, "You all right?" This is to allow a yes or no answer, rather than force you to consider a whole spectrum of responses. So a new English friend explained it to me. My first reaction to this greeting was to think, "Why? D...

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This year, as you know if you've been checking in with my infrequent blogposts, I'm willing to go just about anywhere if it will help break the logjam in my head. I'm in North Wales for the next two weeks, taking two consecutive writing workshops offered by...

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I spent the weekend before the Charleston church shooting in Providence, Rhode Island, attending a grief workshop facilitated by Carolyn Baker . Carolyn led us in a ritual in the West African tradition of  Malidoma and Subonfu Some. My beautiful teacher, Ca...
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