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Pat Ball Morrison
Retired and into life phase 2, 2nd half of century, freedom to travel, loll, and ignore
Retired and into life phase 2, 2nd half of century, freedom to travel, loll, and ignore

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Sisi by Katryn Unterreiner
In Vienna last year I toured among other places, the  stunning Schonbrunn Palace, hope of the Hapsburgs in Vienna and there  saw and hear a lot of Sisi, or Empress Elizabeth,  she was a recluse of sorts and died young.  She was born in Munich in 1837  and d...

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Deborah, Mother of Israel by Marlene Lake
Purchased in 2011 from a local writing group where the author, Marlene Lake attended.  This book has been lingering on my shelf so finally read it, a tale  of Deborah,  Deborah is mentioned as a prophetess in the Bible, Old Testament, Judges, Chapters 4 and...

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Gardenias by Faith Sullivan
Every so often I want to read fluff, just a good story, and because I had never read any other works by Faith Sullivan when this popped up at a book sale for $1 how could I resist.  It has been sitting and so in August I started to read it, published in 200...

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2 More by David McCullough an older one, 1776 and the newest, The Wright Brothers
2004 photo of David McCullough I have finished two more by a favorite author,   1776 ,  published in 2005 but one which I  had not yet read and his newest,  The Wright Brothers , published in 2015.  As the title suggests, 1776 is  about that era of this cou...

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The Land Remembers by Ben Logan
I read this lyrical book last year and from time to time I read one of its stories again, so it has been sitting alongside my upstairs reading chair.  It's that kind of book, one with stories that  to be re-read, savored and one to keep on my full book shel...

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The Survivor by Vince Flynn and Kyle Mills
Published in 2015, this was the last Mitch Rapp book
that  author, late Vince Flynn had underway before his untimely death in
2013.  Kyle Mills continued it to  produce  another Rapp
thriller .    Kyle melded this with
characters from his own thriller novel...

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A Dangerous Fortune by Ken Follett
  Paperback Back and front cover  I purchased this paperback to take with me  on my European trip along the Danube in November and December.  It went along all those miles and remained right in my tote bag as a companion, I never did open it other than on t...

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Dead Wake by Erik Larson
Dead Wake is another excellent historical research nonfiction novel by Erik Larson, published 2015 by Crown Publishers, 353 pages, 6 pages of Acknowledgements, 50 pages of Notes, 8 pages of Bibliography and the Index  all together to offer a complete story ...

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The Whole Truth by David Baldacci
The Whole Truth, fast paced  401 pages , by David Baldacci, one of my go to authors is another book I read earlier in the year but haven't posted here.  It's time to gather books to donate to our local library's monthly  book sale,  and this one which is  a...

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2 more duds from last year
I tried and set these aside but I will not finish reading either so only formy own documentation and later reference, I include  " Star of the Sea" and "Scandalmonger" here.   Back cover I see by my note inside that I attempted to first read Star of the Sea...
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