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Cherokee Animal Hospital: Dr. Bryant
"Helping Owners Give Their Pets Long ~ Happy ~ Healthy Lives!"
"Helping Owners Give Their Pets Long ~ Happy ~ Healthy Lives!"

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How To Safely Trim Your Dog's Nails - Cherokee Animal Hospital Canton Ga. #Doglover #Petcare #Animalhospital

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"Tips To A Happy Puppy:" 

Happy dogs equal happy owners. There are a number of factors that contribute to this relationship:

First, the dog being a part of the family. Dogs have been domesticated to the point where they generally consider their family to be their pack. Pets relegated to the back yard, even with another dog, is not a happy dog. They want to be with the family and will ultimately be better behaved when they are not starved for attention. 

Second, exercise and plenty of it. Walks and playtime. No dog or puppy can be well behaved if they have no acceptable outlet for their energy. This includes mental exercise. Toys that are puzzles and exercise that works the brain such as agility training. All breeds and sizes love this sport! Walks are not just about exercise. The first part of every walk should be at the dog’s pace. Time for them to explore their world through their noses! Imagine if you never left the house (except to go to the doctor!) You might go stir crazy too. 

Third, consistent, gently applied rules. Acceptable dog behavior is different for every owner. I believe in treating dogs like dogs (ok, so maybe dogs that live very, very well!) But, treating them too much like children, often results in frustrated owners. Like children, dogs respond very well to consistency and schedules. We can help with small suggestions that applied consistently, can change the dynamics in big ways. This is not about training per say. Training rarely solves the frustration some owners feel. And by the way, training must always involve the owner. Dropping the dog off at training while you go to work, is a waste of money. Training for the average pet, is mostly about training the owner, as much as the dog!

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"Cute Kitten Outtake" - In the middle of shooting a promotional video one of our kittens decided she wanted to be a part of the show. Gotta Love It! Cherokee Animal Hospital and Veterinarian in Canton Georgia.
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