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Also known as The #snOMGfather


A few thoughts as I run through this app in preparation for 3.0 official. Apologies if repeated from other people

* Items previously marked as "Do Not Count" are now marked as counted against spendable
* Items being auto marked as "Do Not Count" when they should be counted are not changing back even when I select for them to be counted
* Edit time is stupidly long, there is a a full screen processing animation, then it continues in the background leading me to think the edit never actually happened
* Many items that were renamed in the past have reverted to their "raw" format
* Missing the plan page with the pie chart of income vs bills (and projected amounts) vs savings amount. There appears to be no equivalent to this
* Is there a way to specify non monthly bills? I'm apparently missing it.
* PIN lock? Security not important?
* Are credits being applied to spendable? Doesn't appear to be

While I appreciate the shift to 3.0, 2.5 really served my needs a whole lot better 😕

I'm uploading old videos in mp4 format to G+ photos via auto backup, and even though all the dates in the file are correct, they are being added to todays "highlight", how can I change the date taken date or get them to the correct date?

Dear strangers adding me, it seems like most of you are Atlanta based "internet" "marketing" "social" "media" "experts". Let me just say that you're doing your job wrong, very, very wrong...
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Good to see the Tories didn't use the whole raking Murdoch over the coals thing to bury some seriously bad news... Oh wait...
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Loving the new twists in the newspocalypse. Some of this you couldn't make up...
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So this is Google+? Very... Google-y
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