One Anonymous Member on BART and the Global Manhunt

DemocracyNow today aired an extraordinary segment on BART's decision to blackout cellphones to prevent a planned protest on its trains and platforms in San Francisco.

For guests, they had "X" an anonymous member of the "hactivist" group Anonymous, Peter Fein of the online freedom technology collective Telecomix and Gabriella Coleman, a NYU professor who is the world's leading academic on the loose-knit networks of online activists.

Host Amy Goodman gave "X" the opportunity to respond to a BART spokesman who defended his agency's decision to shut off networks prior to the protest. "They know they're wrong," he said about BART's censorship. "They know that if they do it again that we will hurt them even worse than we have hurt them already."

When asked about FBI efforts to round up Anonymous members, "X" said:

"I don't want to be hunted. I am literally running from coffee house to coffee house, from city to city, from state to state to try to avoid this massive, multi-million-dollar manhunt that they've put out for Anonymous. And for what? What have we done Amy? ...We're all just activists. We're information activists trying to make our world a little freer and a little better."

Watch the initial segment below and then Coleman and Fein's discussion of the history Anonymous here:
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