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Sherrod Wall
Husband, father, author and music junky
Husband, father, author and music junky

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Henry Martin's "Eluding Reality": (Book 3 of the Mad Days of Me Trilogy) 5/5 stars
    This series displays Henry Martin’s versatility. Before I begin talking about anything, I have to say: if you’re thinking about reading this novel, stop thinking and get started. If for some reason you are reading this review and haven’t started this se...

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Accused (A Retaliation Novel) Behind the Novel by Yasmin Shiraz
Many readers wonder what goes on before a story becomes an actual book. With the Retaliation series, I've been surprised at how the story revealed itself to me. The book Retaliation came to me shortly after meeting with girls who had been victims of violenc...

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Yasmin Shiraz's: "Retaliation" (3.5 stars)
"Retaliation" by Yasmin Shiraz is a plot driven, action filled novel set in a microcosm created by gang violence in Washington DC. For some reason, I felt the story told in this novel would be delivered more effectively as a screenplay. Shiraz does a fine j...

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Sam Astbury's: "War Blanket" (5/5 stars)
Astbury slices a bit of life from a stunning, unique post apocalyptic world in "War Blanket". Readers are immersed through the narrative of the main character. Because of the point of view and how much control Astbury has over the specific physical and emot...

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The first indie author to be featured on my 'Indie Must Reads' page!
Ken Christopher Ping Author of "The Day the Tigers Broke Free" and "Once in a Blue Moon" There are many indie authors that have wowed and surpassed even my expectations and some that are completely unaware that they have produced such excellence. That is wh...

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Kristen S. Walker's "Small Town Witch" (Fae of Calaveras #1) (4/5 stars)
 Walker's "Small Town Witch" is a very imaginative supernatural tale told through the perspective of the burgeoning teen witch: Rosamunde. Walker's prose entranced me very quickly. Walker's world is one where humans, supernatural denizens and those blessed...

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Hello Everyone!
Happy holidays! Am I back? I would like to be. I'm going to start playing catch up, one review at a time. Whenever I get out of the weeds I will start accepting new requests tentatively. I apologize for the drastic delay. Do not fret. I have not forgotten a...

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Shannon Houff's: Spring Blessings (3/5 stars)
Shannon Houff's "Spring Blessings" is an urban fantasy tale full of action and promise. Unfortunately, it falls short in it's current state.  Overall, the work reads as if it is still in beta stages. It has many interesting aspects, characters that are like...

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Louise Nicks's: "Soren: the angel and the prize fighter" (5 stars)
"Soren: the Angel and the Prize Fighter" is an impressive debut. I absolutely loved every character, the UK setting and the strong narrative voice. Beau Tolson is a main character you can really empathize with. Her daily struggles are heavy indeed, even for...

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Aleks Srbinoski’s: "Destiny Defining Success" (5/5 stars)
            Success is a word that is often defined by the eye of the beholder. You can look at someone and see they are supporting themselves, or their family, sitting comfortably in the middle-class and say that is the image of “success” and imagine how h...
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