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Faiz Agil Wirawan (Fawxyz)
Blogger, Youtuber, Adsense Publisher
Blogger, Youtuber, Adsense Publisher

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mau bisnis aja ssusah bangzad

why they kept appearing in my head ?
Can i have a holiday ?

is there any case in DC series where a person is killed by needle ?


i need manga about tragedy that happened in the school.
the dark one
gore is ok. but not H
can you mention some

i've spent too much time this year, only for playing
if only i get the answer
if only i found the way out
my life would be better

i'm looking for a pokemon hack game to play

some hack i've already played :
light platinum
flora sky
liquid crystal

can you reccomend me some more
i want a new adventure in different region
i very appreciate emerald hack (cause there's battle frontier), but other is ok
the game have to be complete or nearly complete

attack on titan song collection was great
it has many german word (and i don't know the meaning)
is there any good german song like AOT ?
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