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Ritish Oemraw
"Making the best lemonade I can"
"Making the best lemonade I can"
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What time is it?
CET (Central time) or GMT (Greenwich mean time)?
Neither, it is: TSST (Times Square Selfie Time)

Starting a new hashtag, let's see if it catches on.
Take a selfie on Times Square and tag it with #TSST

#request   #io13  
Google Books got an update on android to allow uploading of epub and pdf files to read them on your devices. Any chance of opening this feature up worldwide?
I see no issues with something like this being available the world over.

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And just like that my graduation is over. Feels like the end of an era to me. Master of Science in Econometrics and Management Science. Yup, that is twice the science than I am used to.
But what now...
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