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Time to Conceive Research Study at UNC-Chapel Hill
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Are you trying to get pregnant or about to start? Join Time to Conceive!
Time to Conceive is a time-to-pregnancy research study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The purpose of Time to Conceive is to learn a way to measure fertility in women ages 30 to 44 who are trying to get pregnant. Specifically, we will try to determine if certain hormones (FSH, estradiol, antimullerian hormone, inhibin) in blood and urine will predict fertility and infertility. From April 2008 through January 2015, we hope to enroll 750 women who are trying to get pregnant, collect a small blood and urine sample from each, and observe how long it takes for them to get pregnant.Time to Conceive is important because, although 1 out of 7 women suffer from infertility, we currently have no markers to predict who will be infertile. With your help, we can discover more about infertility.
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4001 Old Clinic Bldg. CB 7570 Chapel Hill, NC 27599
UNC Women's Hospital - Clinic A 101 Manning Dr. Chapel Hill, NC 27599